V Anton


V. Anton lives in Puerto Rico in a small town that smells of coffee and is inhabited by wonderful people. Her life revolves around her husband and her young boy whom in her opinion is the most beautiful and adorable kid in the whole world.

Her daily routine consists of working as a legal vampire...ahem...medical technologist (you can see her blog for further explanation) and inventing new stories in her head. Being seated in a park surrounded by trees, green grass and a book in her hands is her idea of a perfect day, because she thinks that reading is the perfect outlet to recover from a stressful day. That is why you will always find a book near her, in her purse or even below her pillow.

When the inspiration to write her first book started it became impossible to quiet her mind so she let it free, experiencing a joy she only found before when she was reading.

She gets insanely happy when she receives a message or email so you are more than welcome to contact her anytime.

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