VJ Dunraven


VJ Dunraven was educated with a Bachelor’s degree in Arts and Sciences and a PhD in Dental Medicine. After spending years in the scientific and medical field, she decided to pursue her dream to become a Designer, a venture that gave her tremendous fulfillment and success.
However, her creative inclination took a literary turn in the beginning of 2011. She began writing
the first book in the Highest Royal Coven of Europe series, entitled The Silver Eyed Prince, immediately followed by The Promise and Heaven Sent (The Wrong One) in early 2012, both books belonging to the series called Heirs of Cornwall.
When asked why she likes to write, she replied,
“Don’t you want to escape sometimes? Once in a
while, in that magical land where no problems
exist, no bosses and teachers breathing at your neck and no hours to keep? I do—so I can live in that world and see it, feel it, touch it—in moments when real life gets too exhausting.”
These days, VJ Dunraven spends her time
designing for private clients and pursuing her
writing. She loves hearing from her readers! Visit
www.VJDunraven.com to drop her a line, read more about your favorite heroes and find out about the latest releases.

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