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Vacirca V. Vaughn is a Clinical Social Worker who has worked in the mental health and substance abuse field for over ten years, providing counseling and therapy services to those in crisis. It was the way she paid the bills as she pursued her dream of being a writer, poet, and spoken word artist. Years ago, she published two collections of poetry entitled IF MY SOUL COULD TALK and ON THE OUTSIDE LOOKING IN. Of course these titles were print-published long before she was a Christian. Please keep in mind that the content in those works are from "B.C." (Before Christ) Vacirca and are quite different from what she is being led to write now. However, if you're interested in Vacirca's journey as a woman, and as a writer, check out both titles on Amazon. See how far she has come by the grace of God!

As a Christian, Vacirca first got saved in her late teens. After several years of backsliding and playing with her faith, the Lord led her to dedicate herself fully to Jesus Christ in 2008, at the altar of Times Square Church in New York City. She began writing again in 2010, after ten years of severe writer's block. Following the earthquake in her family's homeland in Haiti, she was inspired to write again by the grace of God. She wrote a thousand-page novel, which has been published as e-books in two parts: AYITI and AYITI: CONTINUED. These have been made available online, on, as a two-part series. The third novel JUDE, and the soon-to-be released, much-anticipated novel, JUDE:CONTINUED, were published as companion novels to the AYITI novels--from the male protagonist's point-of-view. Her other novel, THE MAKEOVER, is also available.

She is praying daily that the Lord will bless her with a print publishing contract to take these works to print. Now, Vacirca aspires to work as a full time writer, as a writing ministry and faith-based career, through various Christian-based genres, including fiction, poetry, drama, and film. Some of her works are a bit "out there," while others are more conservative. Vacirca's prayer is that each work will touch someone as God intends. Vacirca also provides freelance writing, editing, and design services for those in need. For more information on how to hire Vacirca for your project please visit the Creative Services page on her website at

Vacirca has a vision to help the people of God grow in their faith through the projects of this writing ministry called Esther 31 Media, as a division of her developing faith-based organization the Christian Freedom Exchange (CFE).

Vacirca Vaughn is also married and is prayerfully growing her family.
God bless you all.

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