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  • Eternal Love: The Immortal Witch Series on April 27, 2014

    Do you like to read about magic? Are some of your favorite characters witches? Do you believe that love always finds away? Yes?!? Then this trilogy is perfect for you! I have yet to read a book written by the wonderful Maggie Shayne that I did not LOVE! And the Eternal Love box=set was no exception. I feel in love with the immortal witch series. Maggie's writing is pure magic! As you read, you will find yourself inside the story - journeying alongside the characters as the struggle to be with the ones they love! This series is fabulous! Buy it now & you will not regret it.
  • A Mommy for Christmas on April 27, 2014

    Looking for a Christmas read? Maggie Shayne's A Mommy for Christmas is sure to have you feeling the Christmas spirit! All little Tyler wants for Christmas is a mommy! This little boy has had to struggle to survive since he was a baby and his daddy - Chicago cop Jimmy Corona - is bound and determined to make his Christmas wish come true. Forced to return to his hometown for the holidays, Corona sets his sight on one of the Brand girls. Kara Brand is not the same painfully shy girl that Jimmy Corona knew in high school. She has struggled to become the confident, beautiful, and successful woman she is today. Kara Brand has always has a heart of gold and she falls hard for the beautiful smile of Tyler Corona. Will Tyler get a Mommy for Christmas? Will Jimmy and Kara fall in love? Or will tragedy strike and tear the family apart? Guess you will have to read and find out! After reading this book, I rushed to get my hands on m ore of the Brand books by Maggie Shayne & you will too!
  • Zombies! A Love Story on April 27, 2014

    Are you a fan of old zombie movies? The Walking Dead? If you are this novella is a must read! Join the population of Bloody Gulch as they try to survive an outbreak that turns into a full- blown zombie apocalypse. The blood and gore will keep you turning pages until the very end. The zombies are great, but like the title says at its heart this is a love story! Will Suzy & Chuck survive the zombie apocalypse long enough to realize they love they share? Guess you will have to read it and find out!!
  • Texas Homecoming on April 27, 2014

    Luke Brand is the illegitimate cousin of the Texas Brands. Although he knew he had a rather large family, he never intended to look them up until his mentor and friend Buck died alone. Luke drives his big-rig to Quinn, Texas to meet the family he never knew. What he didn't expect was to find the home he never had and now he doesn't intend on leaving. Jasmine plans to run straight in and back out of the club where she works as an exotic dancer. Unfortunately, she and her son witness the murder of an undercover cop. She hightails it out of the city and heads straight for Quinn, Texas. She has no other choice but to pretend to be her best friend Rosebud and hide-out in the home Rosebud's mother left her when she died. Coincidentally, this safe haven is occupied by none other than Luke Brand. Luke is suspicious of the woman, but knows the fear in her eyes is real. Can Luke protect Kara and her son? Will Kara trust Luke enough to let him in? Can love conquer all?
  • Texas Angel on April 27, 2014

    Sara Brand witnessed the murder of her family as a child. She saw the face of the murder and lived her entire life looking over her shoulder. The brother she thought dead returned to her and killed the man who ruined their childhood. Now, Sara has nothing to fear, but old habits are hard to break. Taking the suggestion of a family member, Sara takes a deserved vacation to Louisiana where she meets the bad boy. Jake Nash is a bad boy from his prison record to his dangerous good looks. He is helping his aunt and uncle run the Sugar Run plantation where Sara is vacationing. Jake plays the part of the bad boy well, but Sara sees beyond the fa├žade. When Jake's cousin is murdered, Sara witness the murder and Jake becomes the police's prime suspect. Did Jake kidnap Sara as her family fears? Or is she on the run with him willingly? Will the real murderer find Sara Brand? Can Jake save his angel? Or will death scar the story's happy ending? Grab this novel by Maggie Shayne and fall in love with the bad boy alongside this Texas Angel!
  • The Lone Cowboy on April 27, 2014

    Do you like romance? Do you like Mystery? Do you like superheroes? If you can answer yes to any of the questions above, then this book is for you! Hurry grab it now! Marcus Brand doesn't celebrate Christmas, not since his family was murdered in front of him during the holiday. The orphaned child was taken in by the mysterious billionaire Caine. On his death bed, Caine left everything to Marcus. Everything including his secret identity - The Guardian! Silver City's Guardian is a mysterious man who steps in to deliver justice and protect the innocent. After being named one of the world's most eligible bachelor's by Prominence Magazine, the Guardian finds it hard to do his job. The press will try anything to get a glimpse of his face and reveal his identity. Casey Jones is a reporter - a very good reporter. Unlike the rest of the press, Casey does not want to unmask the Guardian. She needs his help. Her sister is in danger and she will do anything to protect her from the demons in her past. Marcus agrees to help protect Casey's sister and the secrets he uncovers threaten his very identity. Will the Silver City's Guardian find love in Texas? Marcus will find love and more in Maggie Shayne's Texas Guardian!
  • Once Upon A Time on Aug. 04, 2014

    Was your childhood filled with Disney fairytales? Do you believe in magic? Does ever story have a Happily Ever After? Once Upon a Time is a duet by Maggie Shayne that transports the reader I I the battle for the magical kingdom of Rush! Once Upon a Time is a great read for anyone who believes Love conquers ALL! The rightful heirs to the Kingdom of Rush are twin princesses Brigit and Bridin. Separated at a young age the girls both faced tragedy. Brigit was raises as an orphan and used her gift as an artist to produce forgeries. Bridin, on the other hand, was raised by the very man who overthrew her mother and seized control of her kingdom. The duet begins with FAIRYTALE - Brigit's story! Once Upon a Time Brigit produced forgeries to survive. Now she has turned her back on that world and is starting over! Until the man who saved her and raised her the best he could is threatened. To save him Brigit must gain the trust of our hero Adam and then betray him. As a boy, Adam found the entrance to Rush and although he doesn't know it is the key to the twins return. The two of them have a rocky time as they realize that Fate has brought them together to save Rush. Against all odds the two of them survive and find a love worth fighting for! FOREVER ENCHANTED is Bridin's story! After being reunited with Brigit in FAIRYTALE, Bridin returns to Rush to begin the battle for her kingdom. A magical message from her dead mother sends her back to the mortal world in search of the man who will win her heart and help her to regain the throne. Tristan is the enemy! He is the man who held Bridin captive her entire life to keep her from regaining the throne he stole. But in all that time he could not bring himself to hurt her! In fact, he cared for her deeply. Is Tristan the man Bridin's mother spoke of? Can the 2 of them over one their past? Will live conquer all? Grab this duet & journey along with the magical Fairies of Rush as the find Happily Ever After!!
  • Twilight Guardians on Sep. 02, 2014

    Maggie Shayne's Wings in the Night series has Reborn! Twilight Guardians is a griping tale of discovery, survival, and love! Killian is a vampire. He believes that he is the last of his kind. Charlotte O'Malley (aka Charlie) is one of the Chosen, a human with the rare Belladonna antigen. She believes that the vampires are vicious creatures who prey on people like her and that her best choice for survival - and better yet vengeance - is to take the experimental drug BDX. They are both wrong! Roxy is the oldest surviving member of the Chosen and Charlie's grandmother. She has always known that she was special and that her female descendant - Charlie - would also be special. Roxy knows that Charlie has a grand destiny. Is Charlie destined to save the band of surviving vampires and protect members of the Chosen? Or will she bring about their destruction? You'll have to read this page turning novel and find out!! This book is an excellent addition to Maggie's shelf ;)It is a must-read for all fans of Maggie's Wings in the Night series (hint, hint newbies You should check them out)& an excellent novel for anyone who loves vampires, the paranormal, and the message that love conquers all!
  • The Brands Who Came For Christmas on Dec. 19, 2014

    I advise you to drop everything & rush on over to your favorite book retailer to grab this freebie! The first book in the Oklahoma Brand series will put you in the Christmas spirit. Furthermore, it will make you fall head over heels in love with the Brand family!! Maya Brand is the eldest daughter of the Oklahoma branch of the Brand family. Unlike the rest of her sisters, Maya is determined to become the epitome of respectability. Maya is the good girl. She has always done the right...the respectable thing in an attempt to overcome the somewhat questionable reputation of her family. Maya's determination is ruined by one night of passion with a stranger that results in not one but two miracles. That stranger was none other than Cain Caleb Montgomery III! Caleb has been groomed to fulfill his family's political legacy and follow in his father's footsteps. On the night he meets Maya Brand he was running away from the lie that had been preplanned for him. Ironically, one night of passion could change everything! After receiving a blackmail photograph of an obviously pregnant Maya Caleb returns to Oklahoma. Will Maya earn the respect she has always treasured? Can Caleb save his political career? Will these two fight for their happily ever after? Grab this Christmas romance and read to find out how the Brand Christmas miracles make their appearance into the world.
  • Brand New Heartache on Dec. 19, 2014

    This is the second book in the Oklahoma Brand series and features the beautiful Edain Brand, aka Edie. Edie has made a name for herself as a lingerie model for Vanessa's Whisper. Our hero Wade Armstrong has worked diligently to build a respectable reputation and business in their hometown. In fact, Wade has wallpapered his auto-body shop with photos of Edie Brand. Wade has loved Edie since high school when Edie wouldn't even look his way. Ironically, Edie wouldn't look his way because she was afraid to fall victim to this bad boy. Now, Edie has returned to Oklahoma and brought an unwelcome companion along the way. Afraid to led danger to her family Edie buys a house out from under Wade and moves out of her mother's home. Wade finds out about Edie's stalker! He decides she needs his help. Will the threat this stalker poses bring Edie and Wade together? Or will it introduce them to a brand new heartache? Maggie Shayne has done it again! This is a sweet little romance that I devoured rather quickly. Buy it and join the family as they ban together to protect their own.