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In December 2003, I moved away from the city with my husband, to a home he built for us on a lakefront property. Although I still worked in the city as Office Administrator for an international company, moving outside the city provided a peaceful and quiet lifestyle.

To make our lives more tranquil, we got rid of our television leaving more quality time spent together. During the evenings, I read books to my husband or we read separately on our own.

Without the distraction of television and other outside noises, the notion of writing a book began to fill my mind. As I pondered the idea, I found myself formulating a storyline with scenes and characters.

One evening, after a full and stressful day at work, I opened my laptop computer and started writing my first novel, Root Of Deceit. As if I'd finally opened a gift that remained wrapped for many years, I couldn't believe how much I enjoyed it.

After completing chapter one, I read it to my husband. His enthusiasm and eagerness to hear more helped motivate me to continue. Having just an hour or two each evening to work on my book, the task was long and arduous. I stuck with it though, still reading each finished chapter to Gary even when long spaces of time elapsed between chapters.

At the end of July in 2010, I left my position in the city allowing me to work on my book full time. By November 2011, my book Root Of Deceit was completed.

After researching and contacting various publishers, publishing my book digitally appealed to me most because I owned the rights to my book and I chose the way it was published. Nearly everyone love technology in its variety of forms such as computers, iphones, e-readers, etc., so it seemed the most logical way to get my book on the market.

The story behind my new ebook, Cosmic Rain...
One morning during the month of November 2011, I awoke with a story in my heart. Right away, I recognized that it spilled forth by divine intention.
Following my inner guidance, I put aside another partially written book to begin the new one, Cosmic Rain. While writing, the words flowed with ease and continued that way to the end. Although Cosmic Rain is categorized as a fictional fantasy story, it expresses important knowledge that I know as true through intuition, research, and my own personal experiences. By turning that knowledge into a conversational piece of work, the story has the ability to empower the reader to comprehend and maybe experience the concepts described within the book.

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