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Some like it hot!

When I was young(er), I found a paperback book underneath my brother's bed...I couldn't have been older than thirteen. It wasn't so much an erotic novel as much as it was plain old pornography. I ran to the bathroom, so nobody would find me, and I read all 150 pages non-stop. I became so completely engrossed in the rawness of the sex being depicted in the book; I read the book another half dozen times. I began imagining myself in all the sexual roles I had read about, and craved more...and luckily my brother had a lot more of these types of books.
From that moment on, I became immersed in thoughts of raging hormones didn't help. I read all the books I could find (thanks to my brother and Dad), as well as Playboy, Penthouse, Hustler, and so on. While many thought it dirty and unwholesome, I just saw it as fun.

I mean c'mon...Isn't sex fun?
As I grew older, I was extremely uninhibited by the whole idea of sex, and have had more than my fair share of sexual experiences. I won't go into detail, but I had a real good time...and still do!

So, I've been reading erotica, and the general pleasures of sex (as well as partaking) for so many years, this particular path seemed right for me.

I hope you enjoy what I have in store for you...I really love a naughty story!

Thanks for reading!


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