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  • 2013 Longhorn Football Prospectus: Thinking Texas Football on Aug. 16, 2013

    Not just a treat for Texas fans, the gridiron power trio of Wadlington, Gerlach & Chilton will school you in all things college football; from X's and O's and coaching philosophies to what kind of Khaki's Mack Brown prefers to pee himself in come October in Dallas (wrinkle-free, moisture wicking Dockers). And since it's an ebook, they can edit as the season goes along to guarantee 100% accuracy with all predictions! You'll laugh, you'll cry (Trey Millard says hi!), and end up buying it for someone else. It's the #1 selling book on Smashwords for a reason. Also, the collective IQ of the authors exceeds that of any author of any book, digital or print, dating back to the Shang Dynasty.