Sherry Terry

Smashwords book reviews by Sherry Terry

  • The Korpes File on March 07, 2018

    The Korpes File by J. I. Rogers will take you on a wonderfully thrilling ride. I like the cover, I think it’s quirky and fits the story well. The writing is very solid with a good flow that keeps you turning the pages. J. I. Rogers has a way with a pen. I love that there is a map, and enjoyed this detail for the story. The world building is fantastic with tons of great SciFi techy stuff that really drew me into the setting. Good dialog mixed with the right amount of flaws, attributes and wonderful dialog made for well-rounded characters that jump off the page. Although there are several great POV characters in the story, each with their own distinct personality, the story revolves around Nash. I have great empathy for this character. From his genetic makeup causing racial problems and cruel medical experiments to his inability to match with a mate. I think the author did him justice. Once I picked this story up, I didn’t want to put it down. There isn’t a dull moment or a misstep in the telling of the story. However. The blurb needs a tweak or two, and I wish I had known there was a character reference sheet with a breakdown of who the characters are and what they do earlier. You don’t stumble upon that gem until the end. I would have loved to refer to that as I read along. For this reason, I give the book 4.7-stars. I highly recommend The Korpes File to anyone who enjoys SciFi, and everyone who likes to read fiction. This is a great book, and J. I. Rogers is a hella good writer.
  • Batman's Clock on March 30, 2018

    What an awesome story! Batman’s Clock by Alex Maher brought out all of my emotions, fear and sympathy and the realization that this can happen to me at any time. I like the cover, and I feel it fits the story very well. If I were scrolling along, the cover would stop me to find out more. For so few words, the story is extremely compelling. I haven’t read anything that makes a catch in my throat the way Batman’s Clock does. I think what really makes you stop and think with this story is it’s based on real life, a true story. The people in this story lived and breathed until one random morning in a coffee shop. There are a few sentences with missing words and a typo, which is hardly worth mentioning. For this reason, I give it 4.99-stars. If I was sharing my review on Amazon it would 5-stars a well. I highly recommend this book to everyone who likes to read, and get a copy for your friends and family – they will like it too.
  • Hypatia of Alexandria on Feb. 01, 2023

    I give this book 4-stars. There is great value in this book in a teaching capacity as a supplement to other research material. This is a work of narrative history, and Laurel Rockefeller is extremely well versed in the era in all aspects. She has done a splendid job of adding the research into the story in an interesting way. I learned a lot of new things about the era, the stars, and the players of the time. It jumped around too abruptly for my tastes, but overall the book is worth reading. I recommend this book to anyone who wants to know more about Hypatia's life and the times in which she lived.
  • Margaret of Wessex: Mother, Saint, and Queen of Scots on Feb. 08, 2023

    4-Stars These kinds of covers on books will always make me stop and take a second look. I write historical romance/erotica and they are great research material for me. The best thing about Laurel's series on the women of history is she makes learning fun. This set of books is told like a story, not like facts in an encyclopedia. The beginning of this book was a little hard for me to get into. There are a lot of names and family history that I don't really think a 12-year-old Margret would discuss in such detail with the Priest. It felt like both characters should already know the information, and the author was looking to get the needed information into the story. I'm always a fan of a family tree, and Laurel's is splendid. I also enjoyed the images in the story I couldn't really get into this book as well as Laurel's other books in The Legendary Women of World History. It had a few glitches for me and felt like learning material. However, this book is still a great addition to any study materials. I do love how Laurel brought Margret together throughout the story. Laurel has a way of making historical people feel like real people that you can connect with even today.
  • Gwenllian ferch Gruffydd, The Warrior Princess of Deheubarth on Feb. 08, 2023

    5-Stars I really loved this book. I knew nothing of Princess Gwenllian before reading this and I want to thank Laurel for her dedication in researching the truth. This is perfect for a school library so children can learn of these legendary women of world history. I liked the length of the book. The author got everything necessary to tell of Gwen, how she lived, loved, and died. I have to give this book 5 stars only because that is as much as I can give. Loved it and will recommend it.
  • Empress Matilda of England on Feb. 08, 2023

    5-Stars As always, I love Laurel A. Rockefeller’s books in the history of women series. Empress Matilda of England is another great addition. I love the cover. It’s perfectly historical. This book is very interesting for me as I am working on a historical romance during the war between Matilda and Stephen of Blois over the crown. What a great addition to my research material! Laurel’s research is always done with care, and I gathered a lot of good information for my story. The greatest thing about The Legendary Women of World History books is how the way the books are written makes history interesting and fun to learn.
  • Empress Wu Zetian on Feb. 08, 2023

    4-Stars I always love the covers for Laurel’s books. They are well thought out and speak to exactly what you’re going to get when you read the story. Laurel A. Rockefeller is my all-time favorite for books on historical women throughout time. They are well-researched and written with love for the main character. Empress Wu Zetian is no exception in The Legendary Women of World History Series. This story is just as good as all the other books. Laurel knows what she is doing with the women in her series and gives you a different look into their lives along with the history. One of my favorite things about Laurel’s books is how she introduces the story and history of the main character. She does them in wonderfully crafted prologues. Empress Wu Zetian does not disappoint. What a fascinating story of a fourteen-year-old girl who was given to the Emperor by her father into his harem as a low-level concubine, one who would never meet the Emperor. Shortly after her arrival, the Emperor calls for her and makes her his secretary because she is educated, unlike women of the era, and he didn’t trust his advisors. He came to trust her in all things including her opinion on important matters. When Emperor Taizong died, his son became reigning Emperor. Taizong had never touch Wu as his wife, but she did have a lasting love with his son, giving him children. Wu Zetian rose to power over the years, becoming the only woman Emperor to ever rule China.
  • Catherine de Valois: French Princess, Tudor Matriarch on Feb. 08, 2023

    4-Stars Laurel Rockefeller has done it again. She has written a historical book that makes learning fun. The cover is wonderful and with one glance tells you what kind of book you’re going to read. The formatting was spot on, and there were no writing mishaps I noticed. In order to save France from more blood-shed, Catherine marries Henry, the King of England who doesn’t live long enough to see his only son. Life at English court is fraught with danger after Henry’s death in France, and Catherine traverses it with style and intelligence. She falls in love with a Welsh knight, and they marry in secret to spend a life together out of court. This look into Catherine’s life is informative in a fast, fun read. I give this story 4-stars because it was short and jumped large spans of time. Other than wanting more, this is a great book for children and adults who want to learn more about this great woman in history.