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Victor W. Hatch
Resident of Vancouver Washington
Inventor; Engineer; Musician; Researcher
Self-employed engineer and consultant for over 30 years. Primarily analog and power electronics design.
PE License in 1983. Member IEEE ( Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.)
Grew up in NW Oklahoma and SW Kansas. Four years in US Air Force.

I've always been curious about how things work. Correspondence course in electronics 1949. Radar and gun-laying--gun turret tracking using radar in the USAF, 1950-53. Further training at Boeing. Into industrial power electronics as technician and then design for physics research, 2000 to 500 thousand watts. Studied to learn to use transistors, and silicon controlled rectifiers instead of tubes. Worked for about 13 years designing high power induction heating power supplies, 2000 watt to 800 thousand watts. Took tests and got Professional Engineer License in 1983. Worked as engineer and consultant since then. Visited many factories , providing training, design and repair service. This included foundries, forging plants and heat treating equipment.
It is my curiosity about how thing work that lead me into investigating the cause of tornadoes. Solving that also showed the cause of hurricanes. This lead to the resolution of gravity--the fact that it is not a separate force from electricity eliminates the presently existing fantasies of gravity. This illustrated some basic errors in chemistry and physics, simplifying and explaining much phenomena.

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What is the significance of this new theory?
This theory provides a synthesis of forces at the atomic level and the cosmic level.
At the cosmic level Einstein has shown the curvature of space due to gravitational forces. Chemistry and nuclear science totally ignore any gravitation forces at the atomic and molecular level, while at the same time asserting that over 99% of the mass of the atom is contained in the nucleus. Logically then gravity and the curvature of space must occur at the atomic and molecular level. Gravity then is the binding force in atoms and between molecules. This is the binding force of liquids and gasses, the Van der Waals force.
This leads to the conclusion that gravity is due to the positive electric charge of the atomic nucleus and that there is no neutron in the nuclei of atoms. It was conceived to be in the nucleus to make the atom be neutrally charged. The neutron is a particle of radiation energy given off during atomic disintegration and is similar but higher energy than an X-ray. This concept is reinforced by observation that positively ionized molecules become smaller.
This provides a simple correlation for numerous phenomena; fission when large atoms approach closely together, combustion, welding, melting and casting of metals and glass, heat treating and hardening of steel, the genesis of tornadoes and hurricanes, the absence of neutrons during cold fusion, and the heat of the chromosphere of the sun.
What is your favorite book?
"Kicking the Sacred Cow" by James P. Hogan. His book details very well how SCIENCE has become a sacred cow dominated by authority.
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A Unified Theory of Matter, Gravity and Electricity
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This is the most significant breakthrough in over 100 years. Scientists, such as Einstein, Hawking and others have been seeking a “Grand Unified Theory, GUT” that would unify electromagnetic, gravity and other forces without success. Since the force of gravity is an electrical force such a search is futile.
Research Report: Electricity and Gravity, Tornadoes and Hurricanes, Other Phenomena
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This is a report the unification electrical and gravitation and force. This gravitational/electrical force holds atoms together in molecules to form solids, liquids and gasses (The van der Waals force.) and holds moons, planets suns and galaxies in their orbits. This report is backed by experiments, observations and cited research from a number of fields. References are cited.

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