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  • Brie Learns Restraint (After Graduation, #5) on June 08, 2013

    I absolutely loved Brie Learns Restraint to the fullest! TONO is my favorite Dom and to learn more about him and see his love/friendship develop with Brie was just endearing! He's an amazing man! Ahhhh!!!! This book is everything you're looking steamy sex, drama, many lessons learned through the power of love, growth and discovery, and emotional! Red Phoenix always comes through...just trust her to take you there!!! And she delivers every time! This is definitely one novelette you will read over and over again! And the ending will absolutely leave you....well speechless! Hehehe! You've just got to read it!!!
  • In 9 Days on June 08, 2013

    Awe I loved this book! It was so intense with all the emotional ups and downs of true love! Red just knows and understands LOVE AT ANY LEVEL! keep up the great work Red Felicia
  • Brie Discerns Master's Heart (After Graduation, #6) on July 04, 2013

    Brie & Sir's love continue to grow. Many emotional challenges are endured. Sir reveals to Brie the woman that befriended her was his mother. Which he cares to have nothing to do with in spite of the info he's learned of about her sudden appearance. But many Hot scenes ease the pressures of all the stress. I know it helped mine...hehehe! And of course anytime the Girls get together is always interesting. Poor untrusting Mary comes out more just to retreat back into her cave. And what can we say about Lea?! The joke teller! She always bring some type of humour. Lol! Ya gotta love them all in their own way. Though necessary, I hated the way Things ended with Faelan. But it was for the best! I love that this series shows that in life you just have to be strong through every situation and its ok to lean on others to help you through those tougher times! Red Phoenix continues to showcase her brilliancy in writing!