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  • The Forgotten War -- Dutch Martin Bombers on Jan. 25, 2013

    I happened to stumble across this paper while doing some research, and I went ahead and purchased it. After having read it, I noted a number of issues. The first was the lack of continuity which at times was disjointed in the flow. The pages were not numbered and I actually thought perhaps I had gotten the pages mixed up (I had not). A number of details stated were erroneous. The first Martin serial number for the Dutch planes was not 665, but 664 (Glenn L Martin Museum) The aircraft identified with Martin serial number 717 was not Dutch, but belonged to the Argentinean Navy (“Martin 139WAN” by Padin) The 139 was purchased for use in the Dutch Indies due to their range not for the defense of Holland, and the planes were not delivered to the PTO when Germany overran the Netherlands in May 1940 as the aircraft had already been delivered to the PTO before Germany invaded, in most cases by years. The claim that the Japanese Destroyer Shinonome was sunk by the Martins has been highly debated and evidence points more towards Dornier flying boats as having sunk her. The author also does not list any sources for the information presented. I am not saying it’s not true, but I have never come across any information stating Anthony Fokker wanted to acquire a license to build the Martin 146 in 1936. I can list another 20+, the list goes on and on.