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Vincent Monaco is a bestselling author, champion bodybuilder who won Mr. Eastern USA, Mr. Colonial America and many other titles. Vincent was born in New York, and to fulfill a dream he moved to the sandy shores of Santa Monica, California; and then, to the bright lights of Las Vegas, Nevada. Years later, he made the biggest mistake of his life, by moving to the de facto State of Florida.

Vincent had no interest in criminals, but the criminals found Vincent.

At the time of this writing, Vincent spends his time writing, publishing and most of all, avoiding his assigned assassins trying to whack him to prevent the publishing of The CRIME DOES PAY Series, Book One, Two and Three; as well as the publishing of Crime Does Pay -- A True Crime Epic (3 Books In 1). So, if you find a typo or some other kind of error, blame it on the assassins.

Nevertheless, the publishing of Crime Does Pay will, no doubt, lead to the ultimate bloodbath that is, overdue.

If Vincent lives long enough, he will publish Book Four in The CRIME DOES PAY Series entitled: Kill Or Be Killed. Stay tuned!

But in the meantime, please feel free to read The CRIME DOES PAY Trilogy to prevent this horrific nightmare and travesty of justice from happening to you. Or, if you just want to read one large book, then read Crime Does Pay -- A True Crime Epic (3 Books In 1).

Vincent truly appreciates your continued support and hopes to meet each and every one of you to thank you for the purchase of Crime Does Pay, because the money is so drastically needed to buy additional firearms, and he needs all the additional firearms that he can buy.

The author is in need of a movie producer, a gunsmith, Pamela Anderson and a civil rights attorney, as well as to hear from those who experienced injustice due to corruption in the system, contact the author with your story at: thebookcrimedoespay @gmail (dot) com

Smashwords Interview

Why have you resisted in giving us an interview?
Disclosing my current information and location can only cause injury or death, since my former employer and enemy will be reading this interview.
In your book Crime Does Pay, the mortgage broker Big Larry "the Bank" Kelner explains how to keep a girlfriend or wife in line, what was his advice?
Big Larry "the Fucken Bank" Kelner has often said: "If my wife Barbara would ever disobey Big Larry by demanding 50 percent of my money in a divorce, I'll hit the bitch over the goddamn head with a goddamn shovel! And then, Big Larry will bury the bitch in the goddamn backyard under the goddamn tomato plants! Because no body fucks with Big Larry and lives to talk about it! I'll hit her over the head so hard, that Big Larry will easily squash her head like a big fat zit. The threat of murder, is always needed to keep your bitch in line."
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