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  • The Vampires Mistress - Vamp Romance on Oct. 26, 2010

    I downloaded this book from Barnes & Nobles and was very disappointed. There were many errors in gramar, spelling and sequencing. It seemed as if two sections of a larger book were stuck together. The characters were not fleshed out aand popped up or named as needed. The idea or basic story has promise but has a long way to go to be good reading.
  • The Blood That Bonds on Nov. 25, 2010
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    I got this book from B & N but I want to review it here as well. I found this to be one of the best short novellas for free. It takes your emotions on a rollorcoaster, which means its good. I knew this book would be great for a series and look forward to "Blood Hunt"'s release. Great vampire love story. And, about survival.
  • Heku : Book 1 of the Heku Series on Feb. 27, 2011

    I truly enjoyed this book. The writing was well done and flowed well. I liked the paranormal romance that was more realistic than most. I loved the Heku/vampire background and factions. I am reading the second in book and will be purchasing the rest of the series. I definitely recommend this series to all.
  • Valle : Book 2 of the Heku Series on Feb. 27, 2011

    The 2nd book in th Heku Series leaves me wanting more. I cannot wait to read the next in the series!
  • An Accidental Bond: Book 1 of The Engle on April 07, 2011

    I downloaded this book from Barnes & Noble but this is my favorite spot and I like to review here. I was pleasantly surprised by this book. The story was great and so were the sub-plots. I just wish, like many new writers, that you would proof read your work 3 separate times. This would really help and if not get someone else to help. Take pride in your work because its good.
  • An Accidental Bond: Book 1 of The Engle on April 07, 2011
    (no rating)
    BTW do you have a publish date for An Inherant Bond?
  • Ancients and Old Ones : Book 8 of the Heku Series on Dec. 27, 2011

    It has been a while since I have read this book and I was glad that you brought Emily back, as much as was possible, to some of her old self. Of course after all the trauma and drama, no one would be the same. I really enjoyed this series alot. I just think this book should have happened sooner. The kidnaping back and forth was too repetative. The books were very well written, this person Is an author. Thanx.