Vivi is a bisexual woman with a rich, creative treasure trove of very explicit, very naughty erotic fantasies, which she loves sharing with other women. And even with some open-minded men!

Although Vivi is bisexual herself, she knows that many heterosexual women often have secret fantasies of experimenting sexually with other women or with slightly-more-than-vanilla sexuality. Vivi’s stories will appeal to all women who desire to give full expression to their own untamed, juicy sexuality; even if only in the privacy of their own minds!

Vivi believes that sexuality is an immensely creative energy that imbues our lives with colour, depth, joy, fun and excitement and is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. As women we need to embrace our sexuality in all of its naughty, colourful, messy detail!

Look out for Vivi’s sexy new book, JUICY FRUIT, as well as her free booklet, SAUCY SELECTION, both now published on Smashwords!

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