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  • A March of Kings (Book #2 in the Sorcerer's Ring) on Oct. 30, 2013

    Why 2 Star: Pros: Solid story, creative and original, all the support and main chars. are moving along at just the right pace to keep the reader focused. There is so much potential to this story, it can only get better story wise. Cons (2 stars lost): 1) There were several instances of word confusion, such as the word "site" and "sight" while this happens to all occasionally there was more than acceptable in a released book. Grammar and syntax issues. 2) There was name confusion, in one scene one character would be speaking, then suddenly, his name is replaced by another, and several sentences later, the right name re-appears. 3) This book feels incomplete, not story wise, but editing wise, there was even a quote by a character and instead of a name there was: “ “ ____ said. There was no name at all, just underlined. 5th star is lost on lack of details, everything that happens feels rushed and spontaneous, there is little development or lead up to events, things just happen because it feels convenient for the author, not because it was achieved by the characters. Overall this book feels more like a final draft then the finished product, and could use some solid proofreading. This book feels incomplete, not bad, just not finished. I can only hope that Book 3 will improve upon these issues. Otherwise I would say to call it quits and try another series, since there are so many on Smashwords