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  • The Nameless on July 20, 2013

    I would like all who are reading this reviews imagine a situation: You are a personal guide for the people who are going to jump from plane. You are doing everything in your possibility to help and prepare them well. Even if you wrote everything which is due to your long experience important and gave everyone those notes by their arrival. You just gave them the best from you. What happened? One of the future jumpers after reading your notes came to you with very angry face complaining very seriously that your notes have so many errors. The first thing what you do is to reject him from the jump. Of course the person who is paying attention to the writing errors when his life is in stake didn’t get the point and cannot appreciate your willingness to help and cannot be concentrated on his own safety. The situation described above is from my own experience. When I read reviews not only for this author here but also for others on Smashwords who published more than one book and get this kind of review I immediately remembered it. And I’m sure that this kind of reviews can discourage everyone a lot. I would like to propose some kind of agreement between all people who are in some way connected to this beautiful “business” of writing. Let’s say openly almost all who are here more than once are writers. Those who are reading our works and are not able to follow meaning behind the words just let it be. Generally, people who cannot say anything negative about the work, using the criticism of typos, proofreading’s and etc. It is their way how to say that the works is so awesome but they cannot stand it. I’m sure that all who placed their own names on the first page of the published book paid a great attention to all details and read their work several times, weighted every single word and gave their best to polish it to brilliance. I think it is just impolite to smash their effort by review which doesn’t say anything reasonable just criticize the typos, grammar and editing. As adult and matured people, if we are undergoing an internal struggle to criticize or not, let’s stick to the matter of the issue – meaning, originality, style, easiness and speed to read and enjoyment which it brings. And avoid so poor criticism about the typos. The greatest talent is when wonderful stuff is expressed with minimum words. And as I see this author writing short stories, they have great speed and I can imagine them in my inner cinema. An exalting and uplifting 1, 5 hour movie can be very easily filmed from every one of those short stories. I’m very pleased.