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Smashwords book reviews by Wendy

  • Tattered Innocence on March 11, 2013

    4.5 stars actually! Way to go Ann! This is the 4th book I have read by Ann Lee Miller. I would have to say this one was my favorite (with "The Art of My Life" a close second). There were a lot of little things going on in this story but it kept a nice flow to it. I think out of all her books this one had the best flow. It was very easy to follow along in the lives of both Rachel and Jake. The author took you to see a little of their past so you could understand where they were coming from. You had to know where they'd been to understand the decisions they were making today. Ann did a great job with the character development! I really liked Rachel. She was very likable person, around the same age as my own daughter and I could see them being friends in real life. She had her flaws, her "skeletons in the closet" that kept her from any real relationships. As she opened up you really got to know her and her personality. But the one I really fell in love with was Jake. I know, I don't really don't fall for the guy. But who wouldn't fall for a guy with a sailboat, right? Jake was great! He was nice, handsome, tried to make the right choices and do right by others. He had his own skeletons. The farther I read in this book the more and more I loved Jake. He never disappointed me. "Her gaze panned over faded jeans, carpenter's belt, paint-splattered T-shirt, and stopped at toffee eyes trained on her. Her breath hitched. She'd been prepared for an old-salt captain, not a Diet Coke commercial." ~ oh yeah I can picture him! The other part of this book I loved was the setting. The setting is always an important part for me. That's why I read so many books that take place in other countries, because I like to go to places I have never been. Ann takes you back to New Smyrna Beach (as in her other 3 books) but the majority of this one actually takes place on a sailboat. It was wonderful. I don't think I would ever actually go on a sailboat. I just have that fear of capsizing that I can not get over. But this was a great book for me to read because I really felt the boat, I felt its movement, its small cabins, the wind, and the spray of the waves. "Yearning, bonding, upheaval, coming home, whipped through her as though the hurricane raged inside her body and not fifty miles offshore." ~ and that just the description of a kiss, just wait till you read about the actual hurricane! THE ALL-IN-ALL - All in all this is a wonderful, Christian based fiction story that takes place on the beaches of FL and on a sailboat. So if you have ever wanted to go sailing... The author uses a few scripture quotes and the characters talk of God and pray, but this book is not preachy at all! It is just a nice clean story (no sex, although there is talk of sex in the past, and no swearing). I think it would be fine for older teens to read.