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William J. Grabowski was born in Cleveland, Ohio USA in 1958, and is an independent writer/editor. He now lives and writes in the haunted hills of West Virginia.

Grabowski is foremost an explorer of existence, fascinated by paranormal phenomena, Fortean or anomalous events, and conspiracy theories. Other interests are weird- and horror-fiction, old-school Industrial music, and genuine eccentric geniuses such as Tom Waits.

Since being a contributing editor for five years with World Fantasy Award-winning THE HORROR SHOW magazine, Bill has published two books: THE UNTOLD, a horror novel; and FLOWERS ON THE MOON, a collection of prose poetry and fragments marked by elements of melancholy, urban horror, and luminous, surreal imagery. Other work includes over 175 short stories, articles, and reviews appearing in numerous periodicals, most recently on FORBES.com and in the National Public Radio-associated WIRELESS.

Please check out his blog at http://thenightrun.wordpress.com or find him on Twitter at @WillGrabowski

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