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  • A Song of Crickets on March 13, 2013

    I was laying in bed unable to sleep so I started reading. Browsed a few stories. I love mysteries. I came across this one. I didn't know how good it actually was until my wife got home (nightshift) pointed a few things out to me. I didn't understand the ending. I thought the writer just pulled up lame but then she pointed out all of the clues so that I could see that the story had a great ending. She's alot smarter than I am. She makes sure that I know it too. Anyway, at first this story had a little too much fancy prose for me but then I got into his style and it's good. I really liked the relationship between the man and woman on the run. And the writer's description that this story was like a Tarantino movie, I can see what he's saying. I just wish it was alot longer. Like I said, I read the story and couldn't figure out why it had no end. So, if you couldn't figure it out like me and another guy that left a review on this page I'll explain it to you. Like my wife said, it's obvious once you think it through. The description of the woman says that she can sneak up on just about anything as long as there is a little cover of noise. The narrator (the guy in the story, Junior) describes her as stubborn. He also said she argued with him telling him there was no way she was going to leave him on his own when he told her to leave and seek safety. He also said that she always smelled like cinnamon because she put it behind her ears (stange trait but whatever). He also said that he'd left his straight edge knife with her. Raycraft went out to smoke his cigarette and the woman came back, snuck up on him, and slit his throat with the straight edge. That's why when the door slowly opened all he heard was the crickets from outside and then for good measure he adds that he smelled cinnamon. A great ending. Too bad some guy with a head full of rocks like mine is didn't take the time to figure it out left him a one star. Maybe his wife isn't smart enough to help him out (she'll read this review and after all of the kissing up I been doing she beter leave our Satuday night open to go to the movies. Anyway, this is the best story that I've read in a while. I just joined this sight. I hope I run into more thrillers like this one. This guy doesn't have much in that style. Bunch of funny stuff. Not interested. Didn't really get the cover either. If this guy writes a few more shoot em ups and I'll tune in and read his stuff.
  • My Brother's Keeper on March 15, 2013

    This is the third story I read by this dude. One of my friends told me that he had a new one out and he said he really dug it. I liked it but not as much as the other 2 that I read by this guy. A little too much of the techinal DNA stuff. But it's cool though. I was thrown for a second by the ending I had to go back for a second. This dude likes the misdirection ending. Cool read. Definately recommend.
  • The Reductionists on April 06, 2013

    This was obviously a satire denouncing the values that our culture is adopting. We're seeing a move toward accepting euthanasia everyday. Everything in entertainment lately is gun play, rock n roll, drugs - all of it BS. And how different is voting for abortion from voting to reduce the population of another state. People can argue that all they want but they really know in their hearts that they are full of wind. You can't even criticize abortion without being some kind of enemy of the state. It's obviously a very effective tool in keeping the population down. I might as well just sign this opinion - ENEMY of the State.