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Mikayla Miles
Latest book: Mikayla's World: The Night of Annie. Published January 7, 2013. (5.00 from 3 reviews)

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  • Mikayla's World: The Night of Annie on Jan. 09, 2013

    I've known about Mikayla Miles for a decade or more, definitely since my college years. In the fitness and fetish world, Mikayla is the one model that stands above the rest...figuratively and literally. Whether it's her amazing size, sculptous body, wonderful smile or the lovely, vivacious personality that grabs your attention, Mikayla captivates fans worldwide in more ways than 1. For anyone that has yet to meet her in person or anyone that's curious about people that have a 'fetish' in general, 'The Night of Annie' is a good glimpse into her world and describes 1 account of an individual (Rick) who's incorporated his fetish into his everyday life. It's like Mikayla taking a pic from her photo album and describing in great detail how that shot came about without making you feel like you're reading a dictionary with no explanation of the $100 words you're seeing for the 1st time in your life. If you've known about Mikayla long enough, it's her personality in print with a story that shows fetish fans as they are opposed to the negative, sexual deviant assumptions most people have of individuals that enjoy physical pleasure in a different way. My interest was held hostage as i literally couldn't stop reading it learning things I myself never expected to happen when a dominatrix meets her slave. By the time I was done reading it, I was surprised how quick I read it and almost expected 3 more chapters at the end of it! She had me as a fan for life already from her model/fetish work, now I have another joy in life from her becoming an author. Any book she releases already has 1 sure customer from me...of course, I'd easily bet many more of her fans have the same sentiment! Congratulations Mikayla, so happy for you and wish you nothing but success. Truly hope to meet you in person 1 day soon and can hardly wait for the next book :-D!!!