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Walter Doyle Staples has been touching people and changing lives for more than 30 years through his insightful writing and passionate teaching. His journey into self-discovery began as a young adult when he suffered from stress, anxiety and depression, then methodically and purposely went about finding ways to deal with that. As a result, he was able to overcome this limiting aspect of his life and went on to become an air force officer, a career diplomat, a corporate executive, a college professor, as well as a professional speaker and highly acclaimed author.

Walter points out that being successful doesn’t always make you happy but being happy always makes you more successful. He explains that true and lasting happiness – authentic happiness – is a result of knowing who and what you are, and using this to pursue your valued goals and cherished aspirations. People who are already happy seem to possess unique characteristics that include optimism, and the creativity and enthusiasm it spawns; likeability, and the respect and support of others it engenders; and openness and flexibility, and the cooperation and loyalty it generates.

Walter teaches worldwide, speaking to clients in business, government, non-profits, health care, law enforcement, the military, and academia. The goal is always to help men and women achieve the highest level of success in both their personal and professional lives.

His eight other books include The Greatest Motivational Concept in the World (1985); Think Like A Winner (1991), now available in 14 foreign languages in over 45 countries; Power to Win (1994); In Search of Your True Self (1996); Everyone A CEO, Everyone A Leader (2000); May The Healing Begin (2010); The Hollywood Cure for Stress, Anxiety and Depression (2011); and Park Bench Odyssey: How I Found Enlightenment in Simple Stillness (2012).

Several world-renowned authorities on personal success and life-long happiness have provided testimonials for Walter’s many books. They include Dr. Kenneth Blanchard; Jack Canfield; Art Linkletter; Dr. Norman Vincent Peale; Dr. Laurence J. Peter; Paul Zane Pilzer; Anthony Robbins; Dr. Robert H. Schuller; Brian Tracy; and Denis Waitley.

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