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I write erotic books, mostly about cuckolding. If you are looking for that type of book, you might ask yourself what exactly do you want in an erotic book. I think that if you can read one of my books and keep both hands on the book then I have not done my job. I don't believe that anyone that buys or reads one of my books or stories are looking for great literature.
I don't try to compete with Shakespear when I write. What I do try to do is to put together a compelling story that someone will want to continue to read. A word of caution my books are not for the faint of heart. Many of my characters do not have a happy ending. A few of my books do have some satirical humor but for the most part, they are about males that are dominated and humiliated by their wives or lovers.
I hope you enjoy my work.

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Cuckolded By A Stranger, An Erotic Novel
Price: $3.89 $1.95 USD. (50% off until May 20!) Words: 59,000. Language: English. Published: June 20, 2020 . Categories: Fiction » Erotica » For Couples
After an argument with his wife, a man leaves the house and goes to a bar. While there he meets a stranger who seems to know more about the man's problem than he should. After receiving some advice, the man goes home and confronts his wife. What takes place after that is what this book is about.
Cuckolded By His Boss
Price: $1.99 USD. Words: 26,650. Language: English. Published: June 20, 2020 . Categories: Fiction » Erotica » BDSM, Fiction » Romance » Adult
The days passed, and Amanda became more and more disgruntled with her husband. No matter how hard she tried, she just could not get his attention. New lingerie was purchased and showed off, but it received no response. She added stiletto heels, something she had not worn for at least five years. If her husband was not paying attention perhaps his boss would.
Dominance Family Style
Price: $3.89 USD. Words: 64,500. Language: English. Published: June 18, 2020 . Categories: Fiction » Erotica » BDSM, Fiction » Romance » Adult
Julie returns home from college for a short vacation, but she arrives a day before her parents are expecting her. Because of this, she discovers that her parents live somewhat of a kinky lifestyle. Her father is her mother's slave and her mother has taken another man into her bed.
Cruel Wife, Slave Husband
Price: $3.89 USD. Words: 48,730. Language: English. Published: June 18, 2020 . Categories: Fiction » Erotica » BDSM, Fiction » Romance » Adult
I don’t know exactly how it happened. It seems like only yesterday I was a happily married man doing manly things. I had friends that I loved to go out with, play video games with, and get drunk with. In fact, life was one big never-ending party. But all that changed the day I came home to find that I had not secured my computer. Read the book to find out how much my life changed.
How My Wife Became Julie's Slave
Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 22,310. Language: English. Published: June 17, 2020 . Categories: Fiction » Erotica » For Couples, Fiction » Romance » Fantasy
Jill and Martin are happily married until one day a very good-looking young couple moves in next door to them. When they discover that these new neighbors are nudists, thngs get very interesting.
Licking My Mother's Boots
Price: $0.99 USD. Words: 6,980. Language: English. Published: June 16, 2020 . Categories: Fiction » Erotica » BDSM, Fiction » Fantasy » General
Boot worship taken to a whole new level. A boy has a fetish for women's boots and shoes. He is especially fond of those that belong to his mother. When she catches him worshiping them, things get really interesting for him, his mother and his father. What punishment should she mete out?
My Evil Step-Sister Returns Illustrated
Price: $3.89 USD. (Free until May 29!) Words: 81,000. Language: English. Originally Published: June 13, 2020 by Wanda Peters. Categories: Fiction » Erotica » Romance, Fiction » Fantasy » Dark
No matter how hard you try to bury the past, it can come back to haunt you. This is such a story or what happens when an evil step-sister and evil step-mother return to haunt you.
The Joy of Self Bondage
Price: $3.89 USD. Words: 77,920. Language: English. Originally Published: June 13, 2020 by Wanda Peters. Categories: Fiction » Erotica » BDSM, Fiction » Fantasy » Dark
This is the story of a married woman who loves bondage but is afraid to tell her husband about this desire. A business meeting out of town provides her with an opportunity to enjoy this fantasy. What happens when she is discovered by a voyeur is what this book is about.
An Interview With An Erotic Writer
Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 11,380. Language: English. Originally Published: May 16, 2014 by Wanda Peters. Categories: Fiction » Erotica » BDSM
An erotic writer is interviewed by a local book critic. Once the interview is televised he begins to receive strange phone calls and messages. When he visits a local bar he meets a woman that is bound to show him what his writing is all about. Warning: This book does contain scenes of a sexual nature including bdsm. It should not be read by anyone under the age of 21.
Politically Incorrect or Dirty Jokes
Price: Free! Words: 4,690. Language: English. Published: May 2, 2014 . Categories: Fiction » Erotica » Comedy & Humor
These are adult jokes not intended for anyone under the age of 18.
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