Smashwords book reviews by Wanfeyin

  • Becoming His Awesome Beauty: Volume 1 on July 29, 2017

    A story of unconditional love. Sheila Holmes narrates it so beautifully and the reader is carried along as the story unfolds. The characters, especially Grammy, are amazing. Like Awesome Beauty, I am eager to know which of the guys will be waiting for her when she opens the door in volume 2. I hope he's my choice for her too.
  • Wilderness - How to Marry Jesus in 10 Years or Less on Aug. 14, 2017

    Homer and Wanda, a big thank you for sharing the incredible story of your family. This for me is God's answer at the exact time. I was so amazed by its timeliness that I stopped reading and checked the date of publication. Thank you for sharing your adventures, the pain and emotions included. Thank you for standing up for God and being a testimony of God's faithfulness. The conclusion is awesome. This is a must read for anyone who wants intimacy with God.