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Hi. Thank you for purchasing my books and becoming my fan.

I'm a dental hygienist by day and a night owl writer by night. My sister is the popular romance novelist, Alexia Praks. You might know her from her famous book, His Hired Girlfriend.

My main writing forte is generally romantic comedy contemporary fiction but sometime I will dabble in paranormal romance and YA romance.

I'm a firm believer that love holds no boundaries, whether it’ll be age gap, gender issue or racial issue, I believe that all love will conquer the world. And it is this message that I intend to write about in my books.

My aim is to make you smile, so if I have achieved that then I’ve done my work. So if you’re feeling sad, pick up one of my contemporary romance books and let the characters of my books brighten your day.


Wanitta Praks

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