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A good school in Scotland if I remember correctly, then after I think it was Kings, Canterbury ended up in Manchester doing graduate training with a harsh stint in the local libraries and archives, followed by a few years of moping around as someone who has not grown and flown so I decided to take early retirement once and for all to Dorset to pursue a part time career in writing and contemplation of words!!

10th of March 2002 16:04:42

“Oho, I get it Claiborne, me old mate. You’re not so pleased to see us as we are to see you, eh?” and by slamming her hand down onto the café table as she tried to sip her drink he momentarily saw he had exposed under his old, green satin bomber jacket (as he raised his pockmarked arm in gesticulation) a glint of stainless steel from out of a sort of home-made scabbard that shone out creepily.
That gave Claiborne the nervy motivation for her next rash action when she was in the restroom. The foolhardy attempt to run far away, flee the whole scene and disappear worked wonders; it was almost as if a miracle could be going to occur. For in one moment he was not there, and in the next instant that mere memory of his excruciating words remained, that shadow of a warmed up seat in a station

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bizarre, absurd, surreal and a romp the whole way through. A quest for enlightenment and to revivify hidden truth.

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