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Smashwords book reviews by Wendy Robbins

  • The Witch's Ladder on Oct. 08, 2011

    I loved this book. I can't believe it was free. Better still is book two in this series, which was also free at the time of this review. I read both in one weekend. This author is definately one to watch. 5 stars and highly recommended!
  • Eye of The Witch on Oct. 08, 2011

    Great follow up to book one in the series. This is not just another paranormal detective story. It's so much more. There is real depth in the characters, especially in the Detective Marcella character. Excellent story telling. I could not put it down.
  • The Witch's Key on Oct. 18, 2011

    Excellent! There is a definite hook here for the reader that likes to feel she's invested in the characters and cares what happens in their lives. The continuing back story from book-to-book is as interesting (if not more so) as the crime/mystery, which, of course, gets solved by the end of each book. Like the first two in the series, I couldn't put this one down. Read it in one day. I've already downloaded the rest in the series and can't wait to read them. My take...5 solid stars!
  • Bones of a Witch on Nov. 07, 2011

    Different in a really good way. The author tried something new here, telling the story from multiple points of view. This gives great insight into the characters I've come to know from the first three books in the series. Most enjoyable read!