Norm Bass


I have always been an avid outdoorsman, who has spent most of my life in Colorado, hunting, fishing, and enjoying the backcountry. I became interested in writing at an early age and started writing my first novel at the age of fourteen. However, the project was abandoned when I developed other interests such as girls, cars, and sports. I joined the Army during the height of the Vietnam War and after graduating from helicopter flight school, I served a tour in Viet Nam where I logged over a thousand combat flight hours and survived three helicopter crashes. After returning from Viet Nam, I started writing about my Vietnam experiences and over the course of several years, I finally completed my memoirs which I hope to publish someday.
I married my wife, Bonnie, shortly before leaving the service and after completing my military obligation, we returned to Colorado where I originally planned to pursue a career in law enforcement. However, after dabbling in law enforcement, I found my niche in retail sporting goods and spent twenty years with a Denver based national sporting goods company. After a very successful career with that company, I went to work for a second national sporting goods retailer. My job responsibilities with both companies required a significant amount of policy and procedure writing, but I really didn’t have time to do any creative writing until about five years ago when travel became a much bigger part of my job. When I was away from home, rather than spend my evenings in the hotel bar or watching TV, I again took up the pen and started writing western novels which resulted in my first two published works.
My life-long interests and hobbies include western history, antique firearms, old cowboy junk, and Native American collectables. I think my hobbies and the expertise I gained as a result of those hobbies, has contributed significantly to the realism and detail correctness of my novels.
I recently retired and now spend most of my time writing and enjoying life with my wife, Bonnie, on our small Colorado ranch, where we keep a couple of mules, horses, and raise Black Angus cattle. “Life don’t get any better than that.”

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