Jo Wilmer


Finding it hard to be a woman faith in a crumbling world? Trials pressing in on every side? ​
Where do you turn? Who do you turn to? Who will be there to get you through this?

As we travel our path of life, we hopefully will be blessed with "certain women," who are placed along our path waiting to encourage us to press on. While Jesus has promised never to leave our side, He also blesses us with genuine women of faith along the way. We cannot change the past, which often weighs us down. But we can move forward and be used in a mighty way!

These women of faith are place on our path for a purpose. Heartache, loss, depression, illness all can try to break us emotionally, physically and spiritually. Casseroles and hugs are fine...but when it comes down to fighting for spiritual strength, we need prayer warriors and women of faith to step up and hold us up!

As a teacher in Women's ministry, Online outreach since 2004, Teen ministry, Missionary with Global Media Outreach and Child Evangelism, I have realized that we really are all the same. We are looking for something when what we really need is 'Someone."

As we grow in our faith and rely on that "Someone," He will use our experiences and trials to help others along the way.

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