Judy Stone

Smashwords book reviews by Judy Stone

  • The Vampire King’s Husband on April 11, 2015

    Charming and delightful story with a fairy tale spin. Main characters were fleshed out and believable. Good pacing. Little graphic violence and love, NOT SEX, scenes. My kind of story! Minor formatting, grammar and punctuation errors. It didn't usually break my concentration, but at times, I got yanked out of the zone. I'm a picky rabid reader. I don't waste time on junkā€”life is too short, and there are too many great books. I also won't read an author who insults my intelligence. So you're probably wondering why I rated this book a solid four stars. A book gets five stars only if it's life altering literature; if I'm fundamentally changed and shaken to my core. Not many out there. But this is certainly a keeper and I'll reread it often.