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White Raven Press began as a small/fine press that produced very limited edition, hand-printed and hand-bound chapbooks and artist's books. That's still our first love, but we've realized that ebooks and print-on-demand technologies can help us bring our books to more readers.

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  • Chivalry: A Jake Savage Adventure on Oct. 02, 2011

    This is a story that does not shirk from the blood, snot, and brutality of medieval warfare, but still leaves a note of hope for the human species. English archer Jake hoped to find chivalry in war against France, but instead discovered that most men are anything but good and valorous--even the men he fights beside. This is never more apparent than when his band of fighters tries to approach a French castle in search of food, but are thwarted but something not quite possible. Mark Lord's writing is very readable, and his descriptions and characters evocative. There was no question that I would have to read straight through to the end in a headlong rush to find out what would happen, and the ending was nothing I would have expected from the beginning, yet once I got there, no other ending would have fit so well. I will certainly read more from this writer.