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  • Death by Chocolate on April 07, 2020

    Absolutely loved this book!!!! And the fact that is has a "feel good" ending, I'm defensively going to finish this series before this month's end. Thank you so much to the author for this sweet taste of a perfectly blended combo of almost murder, chocolate, friendship (don't forget about Henry the cat) and promise for yet a delicious surprise ready to be uncovered. :D
  • Burn the Rabbit: Rabbit in Red Volume Two on Aug. 12, 2020

    This is a book I honestly couldn't put down no matter how hard I tried. After reading this book I gave up writing, maybe not forever but, for now. I need to start reading the next book ASAP. Thank you Joe Chianakas for this series.
  • The Vampire from Hell: (Part 1) - The Beginning on Sep. 22, 2020

    I love this series!!!!!! Thank you Ally for this wonderful story. I do enjoy the twist in book 5. I can't wait to get the last book!! I'm glued to my screen and I refuse to put it down even for an instance. Thank you again!!