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  • The Keeping on June 11, 2012
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    "The Keeping" book #2 of the Law of the Lycans series was another good read by this very talented author. This part of the story focuses on Ryne & Melody Greene. Melody was hired by a very wealthy man (Greyson) to interview Ryne Taylor about his photographes. Mr. Greyson is who purchased the photo of the werewolf Kane (Ryne's brother). Aldrich is a sleezy & you dislike him from the beginning. I disliked Mr. Greyson as well but as the story unfolds & you get to the last 20% you realize Mr. Greyson's reasons for being so interested in the wolf packs. At that time you have a little sympathy for Mr. Greyson. Ryne is trying to hold Mel's interview off as long as possible all the while trying to resist her pull on his wolf. Things become increasingly complicated for all involved. Mel is not happy about Aldrich's threat to give back all the money from this assignment including expenses. Mel is trying very hard to get an interview with Ryne. Ryne is a private man & she can not even get to his house without tresspassing & breaking the law. What will Mel do if she can not get Ryne to answer her questions & turn in her report? All Ryne wants is for Melody to drop it & go away. But not so much go away since his wolf wants her in the worst way.
  • The Mating: The Original Law of the Lycans Story on June 11, 2012

    Let me start off by saying to everyone that Nicky Charles is a very good writer. She is also very generous because all of her books are free. You can find them on Smashwords. This story is about Elise. She grew up in a wolf pack & is now 19. She never really paid to much attention to the politics of the pack. She should have because she is told that she is to marry an Alpha, Kane, of a Northern pack to make an alliance & keep the peace. She never met him before & it is happening in less than 24 hours. The major problem is she is in love with Bryan. Elise has no choice but to go along with it & hope for the best. She is nervous about the bonding considering it is her 1st sexual experience & now it will be with a stranger. The deed is done & she off to live with Kane & the Northern pack, leaving everyone & everything she know behind. ***SPOILER ALERT*** Elise & Kane are trying to make the relationship between them work as best they can given the circumstances. Once at the Northern pack Kane is called away to attend other matters & is unable to spend time with Elise. Elise questions if they will ever get to know one another to form at least a friendship & have more than a physical realationship between them. The pack has some major problems steming from Marla, who wants Kane & is trying to break them up. And from Ryn who is Kane's half brother. Their land is in termoil over an oil spill in part of their land & an oil company wants to purchase or rent another parcel to drill on. The oil spill will take lots of money to clean up & the oil company won't give up on trying to push them off there land. In the end it is a happy ending with some twists & turns. Some you see coming & others you do not. I am starting the 2nd book of the series "The Keeping" now.(
  • The Finding on June 16, 2012
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    Nicky Charles did it again......another great book. Book #3 in the Lycan Law series was well written. ***SPOILER ALERT*** It is about Cassie who was in part of Book #2. Cassie ran away from home after seeing her uncle killed, a werewolf attack & kill his trusted lawyer, & finding out that werewolves kill any who know there secret. She was terrified & needed to start over. She ended up in a hotel in some small town from a long bus ride, went to bed & woke up in Las Vegas in an alley with only her clothes (thank goodness) & her purse. Kellen (a nice guy with a gambling problem) finds Cassie in the alley & offers her help. 3 years later they are living together & work in a grocery store. Meanwhile, people have been looking for her. The good people & the bad people. Bryan (Beta in Ryne's pack) has been trying to locate Cassie for 3 years. Suddenly a break in the case has found her in Vegas. Bryan is determined to find her & bring her in as part of the pack. Cassie has been drugging her wolf, trying to control & contain the beast. Afraid that if it is free she will be lost forever & go on some crazy killing spree. Kellen is gambling again & in serious debt. The bad people have located Cassie as well as Bryan. Bryan has to protect Cassie from her BFF (Kellen), the bad guys who are trying to kidnap her, & herself. Bryan is jealous of Kellen & wants him no where near Cassie. Cassie loves Kellen & just wants to help him & protect him from everyone including Bryan. Will Cassie expect her inner wolf as part of herself? Will she allow her feelings from Bryan be known? Will Cassie be able to let Kellen go knowing how much it will hurt him even after all he did for her? It was a great ending & I am hoping that Nicky will continue this series & give us more of Sam & Damien in the next book.
  • Bonded on June 19, 2012
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    Bonded precedes The Mating in the Law of the Lycans timeline. You could read this before The Mating if you wanted to without any problems but then I would follow the course of Book #1 The Mating, Book #2 The Keeping, & Book #3 The Finding. Reno’s an Enforcer for Lycan Link who finds himself thrown into a strange mishap with Brandi. Reno really likes Brandi but can not get a grip on his feelings for her. His job comes first. Brandi is just graduating & embarking on a new career as a Disaster Control officer, she has had a crush on Reno even before their first encounter in the self defense class. She falls for Reno at first sight.Enforcers and DCs don't mix, how will this work? An accidental one sided blood bond, 2 Rouge Enforcers, mistreated 1/2 breeds, & a traitor. This story has action, drama, sex, romance. We also get introduced to Damien & see a bit of his life & what happens to tame his wild wolf. Great book. I loved the other 3 in the series as well. Looking forward to the next one.