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Latest book: Holes. Published June 5, 2015.
Latest book: VIRUS: THE TITAN TRILOGY BOOK 1. Published April 13, 2016.
Baron LeSade
Latest book: A Quick Ten Bucks. Published April 19, 2016.
Brian S. Pratt
Latest book: Dark Shores of Salvation: Travail of The Dark Mage Book Three. Pre-release—available March 31, 2019.
Dan Bruce
Latest book: Submission Box Set. Published June 27, 2017.
Devon Beech
Latest book: Our Daughter. Published June 19, 2018.
Doug Leonardi
Latest book: The Book of Catherine - Volume Two. Published July 6, 2018.
E.L Beth
Latest book: WOLFGANG. Published January 3, 2019.
Latest book: I Had No Choice, Book VI. Published January 14, 2018.
Latest book: A Man with Principals (Book one). Published May 8, 2018.
G.L. Fontenot
Latest book: A Leap of Fate: Episode 7 Destined for War. Published May 31, 2015. (5.00 from 2 reviews)
Glynn Glenn
Latest book: It Started With A Smile. Published June 16, 2017.
JJ Argus
Latest book: What the Boss Wants. Published February 15, 2019.
JK Waylon
Latest book: Ms Justice: Meting Justice. Published September 4, 2018.
Laura Lovecraft
Latest book: Hey Dad, Watch This. Published December 23, 2018.
Malaw Hule
Latest book: Savaged by the Sea Lion! 2. Published January 9, 2019.
Marcus Darkley
Latest book: The Thanksgiving Deal. Published November 18, 2018.
Mindy Powers
Latest book: Hypno-Heroines Pack #1. Published January 22, 2018.
Morgana Glau
Latest book: Detective's Daughter. Published February 26, 2015.
Natasha Stevens
Latest book: Taken at the Nude Beach. Published September 1, 2017. (1.00 from 1 review)
Nicola Nichols
Latest book: Lust for the Open Road. Published January 30, 2017.
Parker Ford
Latest book: Sin Alley: Between Dusk and Dawn. Published March 29, 2013.
Sophie Sin
Latest book: Seducing A Sexy MILF: Her One Day of Adultery. Published January 1, 2019.
Stephen A. North
Latest book: The Drifter. Published July 12, 2016.
Surely Wilder
Latest book: I Would Have Never. Published December 29, 2017.
T. H. Barker
Latest book: Mothers and Lovers. Published September 8, 2018.