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  • Paranormal Jaguar Witch: Doorway of the Triquetra ( Children of Atlantis, Book One) on July 15, 2011

    What creative characters and an imaginative story line Wolfe has come up with! It is a delightful foray into the legends of Atlantis, King Arthur and the Faerie Kingdoms combined with past lives of the female lead. Jaguar shifters, a Starbourne, a master illusionist, a shaman, the fey, the Queen of Darkness, zombies, a medallion, a special doorway, a soul thief and a journey round out the story. Mira, the female lead, has always just known things and has been able to tell how people felt. She meets a jaguar shifter who, after almost giving her a heart attack, tells her she needs to go to Denver on a journey where four men will help her find the answers. She learns later all four are immortal and they had all loved one of her past life selves. And because these woman are still apart of her, all four are her soulmates. This is an urban fantasy story that flirts with being a paranormal romance. There are a couple of steamy scenes with the female lead and two of the four soulmates (individually, not a three-some). The other two soulmates are kinda left out in the cold. {grin} This could make a great full length novel by adding more to the exploration of the relationship with each soulmate and their interactions with each other. As it is, the main characters are mostly on the go trying to complete the journey all the while the main antagonist is hurling obstacles in their way. I enjoyed this story and I think urban fantasy and fantasy fans will like this as well.
  • The Demon of Annwn on Sep. 28, 2011

    Ancient Celtic and Egyptian ritual magic; an ancient demon with an old grudge; a young woman coming into her powers and birthright; a misguided, greedy, foolish reverend and two romances fill the pages of this first in Aisling's Bariona, Queen of the Witches series. This is a paranormal romance filled with love, duty and heartbreak. Arian suddenly screams awake from the same vivid dream she has over and over. She "wakes with sexual energies running through her each time". She had moved some years ago to Boston to go to college and stayed to work there. She misses home and feels something is missing in her relationship with Tom. Tom, her current boyfriend and somewhat stuffy business man, feels he isn't in love with Arian but she looks good on his arm and she is "one of the most sensual, erotic and beautiful women he had ever been with" and would make the "perfect corporate wife". Arian is called back home when her grandmother is murdered. She immediately feels comforted by her home town and surroundings. She's glad to see Ian, her former boyfriend. However she is stunned to see that her father's student, Jean-Paul, is the man from her dreams. Jean-Paul has loved Arian since seeing her crowned Queen of Spring seven years ago. Ian had wanted to ask Arian to marry him before she left for college but was afraid she'd turn him down and he wanted to be there for her when she returned. Only she hadn't, until now. The murders don't stop and Arian's family seems to be the focus of the attacks. I laughed and I cried. This has a great story line and I'll make sure to read the sequel. Fans of the ritual magic and paranormal genres should like this as well. Warning Spoiler Alert!!! This ends with a cliffhanger.