Will Bevis


I write about living, loving, parenting, growing old, and of course... the South and the Civil War.

And every once in a while

When the moon is full,

I can't help myself:

I write about vampires.

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  • How I Sold 1 Million eBooks in 5 Months on June 21, 2011

    I feel like I've been hit by a truck. That's what the truth feels like when it hits you. The truth that I have been doing it all wrong for so long. The truth that I have been writing for myself all these years - and to hell with everybody else. John Locke tells you the truth. Financial success in writing... is all about the reader - and what he or she wants. That's a hard pill for a stubborn - I'll write what I damn well please writer - to swallow. But it is medicine that must be taken if you ever want your books to get out of the dusty closet shelf where they have been sitting - like mine - for years. As for the nuts and bolts of marketing in the internet age, John does not tell you hocus pocus magic stuff. It is all well thought out and step by stepped. I am completely confident his system will work for someone who will use it with the same dedication as he has. As for John wanting to help writers - even hopeless ones like me... I am the world's greatest skeptic, remembering that "if you can fake sincerity everything else will be easy." But nowhere could I find evidence that John doesn't really love his fans with a love like no other author exudes. Anyone who answers ALL his emails - like he does - has to really love people. Will I use his system? Not being a people person, I really don't know. Would his system help me if I did use it? Absolutely. Would I buy another book he wrote on writing? You "betcha." Am I inspired to keep going and try to do things maybe just a little differently - according to John's teachings? Yes. And you will be too. It was THAT good of a book. WillBevis WillBevis.com