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Curriculum vitae of dr. WHJ Martens

Name: Wilhelmus Hendrikus Johannes Martens
Born: July 1950 in Zevenaar, The Netherlands
Address: Henk van Tienhovenstraat 67, 6543 JB Nijmegen, The Netherlands

Phone/fax/email.: 024-7505829;email:Martens_92@hotmail.com,or MartensW2000@yahoo.com


1962 -1968 Grammarschool α, St. Michael¬college in Steyl, The Netherlands.
1968 - 1972 Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique in Paris, Composition and movie-music with Nadia Boulanger en Darius Milhaud; Visiting 1970 master class of Pierre Schaeffer.
1972 1977 Systematic Philosophy/Medical Ethics and Clinical Psychopathology (both studies Cum Laude) at Amsterdam University.
1977¬ 1985 Training in psychoanalysis with Prof. dr. P.-L. Assoun, Société Psy¬chana¬lytique de Paris/ Nijmegen University.
1980-1981 Scientific public relations.
1995-1997 PhD-thesis department Forensic Psychiatry “Psychopathy and Maturation”, Tilburg University. at December 5 1997.

Work experience:

1968 1972 Film composer and music advisor/coordinator at the French television networks.
Afterward only part-time and episodically active as composer, but from 2010 full-time again.
1977-1985 Involvement in the research project “Ethics and Affectivity” of the Faculties Philosophy, Psychiatry and Psychology of the University Nijmegen, The Netherlands. Involvement in research projects 1) "Philosophy of mind and action"; 2) Phenomenology en existen¬tion philosophy.
1977-1986 Research fellow at the Stress Research Group Nijmegen, Faculties of Medical Sciences and Psychology, Nijmegen University. Research topics: stress, coping, role-conflict, A/B typology, learned hel¬ples¬sness, locus of control, stress and cancer.
1977-1987 Research into ethical confusion and lack of insight in violent patients with personality disorders in forensic psychiatric settings. Forensic Psychiatric Hospital (Pompe Clinic, Nijmegen, The Netherlands).
1987-1999 Private practice as psychoanalyst.
1999-2009 Founder and Chair of “W. Kahn Institute of Theoretical Psychiatry and Neuroscience.”
2010- Composer (contract with KVZ Music, Vienna) and Dutch Music Center (for professional composers


2001 until now - Chair of W. Kahn Institute of Theoretical Psychiatry and Neuroscience; see www.kahn-institute.tripod.com (see The World of Learning: The International Guide To the Academic World. Europa Publications: Taylor & Francis, 2003-2010 also online; Pyttersen’s Dutch Almanac 2003-2004. Houten: Bohn, Stafleu & van Loghum). Responsibilities: initiation and coordination of scientific research projects; communication with members, external scientists and scientific organization, universities, governments, publishers; teaching at PhD and post-PhD level and supervision of high profile staff members of universities all over the world; development of financial policy and scientific strategy of Kahn Institute .
2001 until present – Registered Member of the Royal College of Psychiatrists, UK – Philosophy Interest Group, Great Brittain (invited by prof. dr. Bill Fulford; membership administrator Paul O’Connor; email: poconnor@rcpsych.ac.uk).
1975 - now Member Dutch Music Center (Composers Foundation. Official and Government Supported Publishing and Licensing).
2004 until present - Advisor Psychiatry appointed by the European Commission (Leonardo Da Vinci) see advisory duties, and Member of a) the Research Council of the International Biographical Centre, Cambridge, UK; and b) Research Board of Advisors of the American Biographical Institute , Releigh, North Carolina, USA. Responsibilities: advisement concerning nomination of distinguished scholar and psychiatric research projects.

Editorial Work

2005 until present –Member of editorial boards of “Medicine and Law,” “Journal of Contemporary Psychotherapy,” and “International Journal of Psychology and Behavioral Sciences” and member of panels of expert reviewers of “American Journal of Psychotherapy,” “Journal of Medical Ethics,” “Child Psychiatry and Human Development,” “Schizophrenia Research,” “Journal of Psychopathology and Behavioral Assessment,” “ Journal of Healthcare for the Poor and Undeserved.” and “Cross-Cultural Psychology.”
- Book editor (theoretical psychiatry and neuroscience) of Nova Science (Biomedical) Publishers, Hauppauge, New York, USA.
- Editor of special edition “Advances in Theoretical Psychiatry” of “Journal of Contemporary Psychotherapy 2011; 41(3): 125-198.” Contributors:
Prof. dr. Bill Fulford, Heidi Caroll and Ed Peile; dr. Virgil Zeigler-Hill; Steffen Moritz, Nathalie Wess, András Treszl and Lena Jelinek; dr. Rosie Rizq; dr. Paul H. Lysaker and John T. Lysaker, dr. GianCarlo di Maggio; Henrik Skovlund.

Advisory Duties

2004 untill present – Scientific advisor of :
- European Commission (Leonardo da Vinci) regarding cooperation of European Universities in the area of (neuro) psychiatric research;
- Scientifc organizations and colleagues;
- BBC-documentaries “How to make a psychopath” and “How to cure a psychopath,” Monkey Kingdom Productions, Executive producer Sara Woodford;
- Many judged and lawyers in the area of forensic psychiatry (treatability and responsibility).

Work as Composer and Producer

See: http://www.reverbnation.com/92martens
Albums (all albums were composed and produced by myself; it was played by Martens Ensemble)

- Deliverance (14 Pieces, 55 min.; release 24-1-2012; Universal records/Sunset Classics; Catalog #SCJ122);

Published by BVZ Music Publishing and Distribution, Vienna. Austria:

- Quasar (13 Pieces, 61.20 min.; release 20-4-2012; catalogue # MARTENS12980).
- New Horizons (12 pieces, 58.40 min.; release 20 - 4-2012 ; catalogue # MARTENS12979).
- Sublimation (16 pieces, 62.45; release 1-5-2012; catalogue # MARTENS12995).
- Secret Garden (12 pieces, 57.40; release 7-5-2012; catalogue # MARTENS12117)
- Modulations (14 pieces, 56,13; release 24-5-2012: catalogue #MARTENS12148)
- Flashbacks (10 pieces, 40,10; release 29-8-2012; catalogue #MARTENS12780)
- Indian Summer (12 pieces, 46,23, release 10-9-2012; catalogue #WM12805)
- Catharsis (12 movements, 45,36, release 12-10-2012; catalogue#Martens3052012)
- Agamemnon (13 movements, 51.45, release 13-10-2012)

Instruments: piano, strings, brass, woodwinds, synths, percussions, electric guitars, voices.
Genre: Experimental, classical, avant-garde, electronic (music concrete).

Published by Dutch Music Center and Music Publishing (between 1978 – 1985):

- Coasting (work for pianoforte in ten parts); catalogue # 273904
- Conatus Essendi (five pieces for violin and (violoncello); catalogue # 273905
- Indian Summer (eight pieces for pianoforte); catalogue # 273906
- Mirror-World (suite for piano solo in 25 pieces); catalogue # 273907
- Ulysses (seven pieces for pianoforte); catalogue # 273908
- Lunapark (5 pieces for piano solo); catalogue # 289328
- Catharsis (4 pieces for oboe and bassoon); catalogue # 289329

Congress Participation

Participation of many congresses (Philosophy of Mental Health; Psychiatry) in the last 10 years.
2008- Section committee member of the International Network of Philosophy and Psychiatry in cooperation with the American Psychiatric Association 2008 meeting “Psychiatry and Freedom” October 6-8, Dallas, USA.

Prizes and Awards:

• Nominated for the international Dan David Prize 2004 and Jean Delay Prize 2005 (most important prize of the World Psychiatric Association) because of renewal contributions to the forensic psychiatry, psychopathology and psychotherapy (development of new models of treatment and explanation of personality disorders);
• Nominated as International Health Professional of the Year 2004, Golden Medal of Excellence and Leading Health Professional of the World 2005 (section Psychiatry, Psychotherapy and Psychopathology) Cambridge: UK, Diploma of Achievement in Medicine and Healthcare, 2005; The IBC Meritorious Decoration, 2005; 21st Century Award for Achievement (silver medal of honor), 2005; International Professional of the Year – 2006 (golden medal of excellence), Outstanding Scientists of the 21st Century Medal 2007; Outstanding Scientists Worldwide Medal for 2007; International Health Professional of the Year, 2007; Archimedes Medal of Honor, 2007; International Scientist of the Year 2007; 21st Century Award for Achievement 2007; Leading Scientists of the World, 2008; Top 100 Scientists 2008; IBC Foremost Scientist of the World, 2008; Scientist of the Year, 2009 for outstanding contribution in the field of Theoretical Psychiatry and Psychotherapy, Cambridge, UK; Man of the Year 2006; Golden Medal for the Netherlands 2007; American Medal of Honor, American Biographical Institute.
• Inclusion in:
- the 2004, 2005, and 2006 editions of Marquis Who’s Who of the World, Who’s Who in Science and Engineering and 2004, 2009/2010 edition of Marquis Who’s Who in Medicine and Healthcare;
- 2000 Outstanding Intellectuals Of The 21st Century –2004/2005/2006/2007 The Cambridge Blue Book -2005, 2006; Dictionary of International Biography 32nd , 33th edition-. 2005, 2006; Leading Educators of the World, 2005/2006; Outstanding Scientists of the 21st Century, 2007, The Cambridge Blue Book of Foremost International Intellectuals, 2008; 2000 Outstanding Scientists, 2008/2009 International Biographical Centre, Cambridge, UK;
- Great Minds of the 21st Century 2006/2007, International Profiles of Accomplished Leaders 2008/2009 American Biographical Institute
- International Who’s Who 2006, 2008;
- Madison’s Who’s Who 2004, 2005, 2006.
- From 2009 – 2013 4 years in a row my article “The role of self-complexity in reducing harmful impact of insight among schizophrenic patients. Theoretical and psychotherapeutic Implications. American Journal of Psychotherapy 2009; 63(1): 53-68.” was choosen as best article in the area of “Schizophrenia and Cognition” by readers and scholars of BioMedical Journals.

Publications in International Journals (I was the only author) or Textbooks:

Published about 100 articles in international journals and books

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Hidden Suffering of the Psychopath
Price: $8.00 USD. Words: 43,740. Language: English. Published: April 10, 2013. Categories: Nonfiction » Psychology » Forensic psychology
This book provides new insight in the nature of psychopathy. On basis of analysis anonymous self-reports and case reports of members of an internet forum for psychopaths it was concluded that psychopaths are suffering too and demonstrate a different psychodynamic mechanism as was proposed untill now. Dr. Martens is a forensic psychiatrist/psychoanalyst who published in many international journas.

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