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Miik YS
Latest book: Most of Now.
Published July 1, 2021. (5.00 from 5 reviews)

Smashwords book reviews by WillyReade

  • Dwell on Dec. 12, 2020

    Excellent. A kick-ass ending topped off a good read.
  • At Home Among the Dead on Feb. 18, 2021

    Very good. I got a kick out of how sometimes the author is talking to the reader without breaking the story. There's a scene about readers everywhere setting down their books. There's another where Verita complains about no hero, and Caato tells the video audience to be the hero, a veiled call to action for the reader.
  • The Grown Woman Where the Colony Lies on Feb. 18, 2021

    I liked it. A good story and a rewarding ending.