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  • Crestmont on Nov. 22, 2011

    I read Crestmont quickly (couldn't put it down, actually), but the distinct and appealing characters stayed with me a long time after I finished the book. I liked the story lines where Ms. Weiss gave hints of what may have happened, but didn't hit me in the face by explaining everything. I like an author who makes me think and use my imagination to fill in the gaps. I will read Crestmont again at any time of the year not just during the summer. I loved that Crestmont was set in the 1920s because there is not much written about that intriguing time period. There are a few chapters set in earlier time periods explaining how the lake was created when the inn was constructed, and one back story about a character, PT, but these were well laid out and I didn't have any trouble following the plot. I also appreciated that the inn where the book was set seemed to act like a character in the lives of the people who worked there. Ms. Weiss did her best job as a wordsmith in developing the characters. In the chapter set in 1899, the man who brainstormed the Crestmont, William Warner, said that he wanted to build a summer inn for the enjoyment of people "pummeled by the stress of everyday life." The book, Crestmont, did just that for me. As a tired member of a book group plowing through an endless procession of murder mysteries, abused women stories, and Middle East commentaries, I found Crestmont a very refreshing book that gave me a break from the anxiety of my very full life. I plan to recommend it to my book group and to use the downloadable reader's guide I found on the author's website. Highly recommended