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  • Otters In Space on July 14, 2010

    Fabulous! Cats and dogs and otters, and somehow this captures their very different personalities. Well, I've never actually met an otter...loads of fun, can't wait for more.
  • The Necromouser on Sep. 09, 2012

    Villainous cat, zombie mice...this story is really great! Don't miss the follow-up story Shreddy and the Zomb-dogs. Ms. Lowd, as usual, hits this short story out of the park.
  • Shreddy and the Zomb-dogs on Sep. 09, 2012

    This follow-up to Ms Lowd's story The Necromouser is fabulous. The zombie apocalypse is closer than you think!
  • The Third Wish on Sep. 11, 2012

    Envy will eat you up until nothing is left. In this story of two brothers, set in a magical world with fairies and miracles and power, one brother covets what the other has. The world is engaging, the characters are real, and the lesson is timeless.
  • Rekindle the Sun on Sep. 11, 2012

    A new life on a dying planet. Ms Lowd, as always, writes strong female characters. This one is dealing with a new culture and a new place, while watching the death of a star and her marriage. It amazes me that someone as young as Ms Lowd was when she wrote this piece (she was only 22 when this story made quarter finals in the Writers of the Future competition), understands so clearly the death of a relationship. A very satisfying read.
  • St. Kalwain and the Lady Uta on Feb. 09, 2013

    A hero famed for his deeds, St. Kalwain wants only to be free of his cursed existence. A satisfyingly heroic, but sad hero saves the day again in this lovely story by Ms. Lowd.
  • St. Kalwain and the Lady Uta on Feb. 09, 2013

    A weary hero, sainted for his many brave deeds, a brave maiden, and a dragon in need of slaying. What more can you ask of a story? St. Kalwain and the Lady Uta is not the usual heroic tale, but somehow it is more satisfying.
  • Ursa Major 2012 Short Fiction Reading Packet on March 26, 2013

    All five of these stories are up for the Ursa Major Short Fiction award for 2012. All five of them! And all five of them are a treat to read, from the very short whimsical Hot Chocolate for the Unicorn, to the heart-wrenching Magtwilla and the Mouse, to the third installment in the Shreddy series, Shreddy and the Christmas Ghost, to the two longer stories St Kalwain and the Lady Uta and A Night in Nocturnia, that each transport you to another time and place. Ms Lowd continues her superb writing, wonderful characters, and unmatched story-telling. Do yourself a favor, read them all.
  • Otters In Space 2: Jupiter, Deadly on Aug. 25, 2013

    A great read, with something for all ages - talking cats and dogs (and, of course, otters!), political intrigue, social issues, loads of fun and excitement. I love this series. Mary Lowd has done it again. I hope there is a third book (and maybe more)!!
  • In a Cat's Eyes on Jan. 22, 2014

    Mary E. Lowd does it again - she's captured the essence of a cat and a dog in a very short story with a nice twist.
  • Fox in the Hen House on Jan. 22, 2014

    A love story where the advice to "follow your heart," turns out not quite as intended. Sometimes doing what comes naturally is what breaks your heart. You need to read this one!
  • Welcome to Wespirtech: A Collection of Short Fiction on May 19, 2014

    Eight stories from Mary E. Lowd that all happen in her Wespirtech universe. These stories are rich in adventure, emotional connection, interesting ideas and just plain fun. I break down into tears every time I read "Of Behemoths and Bureaucrats" and laugh out loud at "Daisy Chaining." You really have to read this collection.
  • Beyond Wespirtech: A Collection of Short Fiction on May 19, 2014

    Mary E. Lowd is a writer of great clarity and precision. The science is really good, and the stories are fun...these all take place in the Wespirtech universe and display a depth of understanding of both the science and the emotions of her characters that are spot on. You really need to dive into this universe!
  • The Opposite of Memory: A Collection of Short Fiction on June 02, 2014

    Loved all these stories separately, but now I have them as a collection. If you have not read them, or even if you have, The Opposite of Memory is a collection of short stories that you should not miss.