Lillian Bishop and Constance Williams


Lillian Bishop and Constance Williams have been writing together for over ten years now. Until
now, their audience has been friends and family, and their writing has been purely for pleasure.
They both believe that that is what is should be about ­ after all, if you don’t enjoy writing, how
can you expect anyone to enjoy reading what you have written.

Unusually, Lillian and Constance do not live near each other. In fact, they live in entirely different
countries. Lillian is American, Constance is British. Their writing partnership began when they
were introduced through a mutual friend, and they discovered that they shared a love of the
written word, a passion for crafting stories, and a compatible style. Now they are mostly found
online ­ at very odd times of the day and night!

Smashwords Interview

Can you tell us a little about the background to your writing partnership?
Good question to start with – it’s a little unusual. We couldn’t have done anything, in the days
before the internet, because we live thousands of miles away from each other! Lillian is from the
northern USA, and Constance is from the UK. We were introduced through a mutual friend over
ten years ago, and discovered that we both had a passion for writing. We started writing
together ­ both sending each other what we’d written alone, and crafting stories as a pair.

That is, of course, the beauty of writing. Words on a page do not actually need the physical
presence of the other person. Writing together was a little strange at first, but over the years it
has become second nature. These days we are both very strongly of the opinion that our writing
is at its best when we collaborate.
What challenges has the fact that you live in two different countries posed?
It’s difficult at times! There are days that we would love nothing better than to be able to decamp
to the local coffee shop and brainstorm. That, clearly, is never an option. Instead, long hours on
skype is an necessary part of the entire process. We also have a great set up with online
collaborative software. Of course, one of the biggest challenges is the time difference! With
Constance being in a time zone ahead of Lillian, often we have to work to very odd schedules!
It helps that both our families have come to the conclusion that we share a brain. Whilst we both
come at matters from different angles ­ which actually is an asset in keeping our writing dynamic
and interesting ­ we find it easy to understand where the other is coming from, and to pick up an
idea and run with it. Very often, the ideas will come from one of us, we’ll draft together, and the
other will provide the polish.

At times, the fact that we come from very different backgrounds has been a real benefit to us
and to our books. Between us, we have a wealth of experience which we put to good use in
bringing our characters and stories to life. Our partnership gives us a unique perspective,
allowing us to bring our readers a whole new way of looking at a genre which has been around
for quite a while now.
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