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I'm an avid reader from all types of genres. I'm always looking out for a good book to read and willing to try a different kind of genre to explore my reading tastes further.


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Smashwords book reviews by Angie Lenkevich

  • Vampires in America: The Vignettes - Volume 1 on March 30, 2012

    This collection of stories are about my favorite vampires and their mates. I loved seeing different aspects of Cyn and Raphael's life together! I also loved Sara and Rajmund stories! I loved his protective instincts towards her! And then there is Duncan and Emmaline's love for one another. I loved each of the vampires and how they relate to their mates. Be drawn into Vampires in America The Vignettes.
  • Dirty Little Angels on April 21, 2012

    The Trosclair Family has had it's share of ups and downs lately. Hailey is sixteen years old and trying to cope with her mama being depressed and her daddy doing nothing but drinking since he's been laid off three months before at his meat packing job. Six months ago Hailey's mom had miscarriage and does nothing but lay around in bed. Hailey's brother Cyrus tries looking out for Hailey even though he's on parole again. Cyrus introduces Moses to Hailey. Moses seems alright in Hailey's eyes but is still wary of him. Hailey likes Chase who is dating Hailey's friend Meridan. Hailey goes and visits Verma at the apartment complex doing odds and end things for her. Hailey feelslike their are roaches crawling around her head all the time. Hailey learns her father is cheating on her mom but keeps it to herself. Child molester goes free but Cyrus and Moses beat him up but later finding out he turns up dead. What will happen to Cyrus and Moses? Will Hailey's father find a job? Will Hailey's mom recover from her depression? Will Chase return Hailey's affection? Will the Trosclair Family come together? Your answers await you in Dirty Little Angels.
  • Have a Nice Weekend on April 26, 2012

    Will Frampton is spending a lonely Saturday doing nothing but thinking about his life past and present. Will has only ever had one girlfriend and her married. Then Will was a devoted husband and tried to be a doting father too. Now Will is a divorced father of two children. He looks back at his life and wonders how he ended up here. He tries to see his life thru his wife's eyes but fails to understand her complaints. He's had the same job for the past twenty years even though he complains about. His ex-wife Abi thinks of him as pathetic and uninspired. His best friend Andy is successful in his life and would love to be a family man just hasn't met the right someone yet. Yet Will had everything Andy wanted and more. Can Will see where his life's going? Can Will find a new outlook on life? Can Will see Abi's point of view? Will he become apart of his children's lives again? Your answers await you in Have A Nice Weekend.
  • The Man Who Crossed Worlds (Miles Franco #1) on April 29, 2012

    Miles Franco is a Freelance Tunneler, who is down on his luck, when he's caught smuggling a Vei family to Earth. During his arrest, he's asked by the Bluegate Police Department to look into a new drug called Chroma in exchange for his current arrest charges being dropped. Miles decides to investigate without police backup which only leads to Miles getting into trouble. Miles heads home to find his landlord's daughter Tania waiting for him; she wants Miles to teach her how to Tunnel. She admits to taking Miles's kemia creating a small Pinhole which upsets Miles when he thinks about the risks she's taken. Miles relunctantly agrees to teach Tania Tunneling. Miles meets John Andrews a known gangster about his involvement with Chroma but Miles learns that Andrews knows nothing about it. Miles is beaten up when John Andrews wife Caterina helps Miles back to his apartment. In Miles's eyes, Caterina is beautiful and beautiful women are always trouble. Miles gets in touch with Spencer Davies about Chroma and getting some more kemia not realizing he's spooked Spencer. Detective Vivian Reed is following Miles Franco because she believes that Miles can't help the Bluegate Police. What is Chroma? How is Caterina fit into Andrews life? Can Miles find the Chroma conection? Can the police help? Will Miles really teach Tania? Who is Doctor Dees? Your answers await you in The Man Who Crossed Worlds.
  • A Complete Stranger on May 15, 2012

    Sonja Johnston fled her native Ohio for a new life in Washington D.C. after catching her fiance cheating on her with her Aunt Tia. Still two years later, it hurt her soul deep and not yet able to move on with her life. Sonja's friends Ashley and Shana tryy to help Sonja move on. At the Cherry Blossoms Festival, Sonja meets a complete stranger named Redell Romano from that time her life is never the same again. Redell seems to know Sonja better than she knows herself. Redell takes take of her in a way that her ex ever did. Sonja feels like she's in a fairy tale life with Redell. Will Sonja let her past control her? Can she love Redell like he loves her? Is Sonja dreaming? Your answers await you in A Complete Stranger.
  • Shades of Grey on June 04, 2012

    In Shades of Grey, we find the tale of John, a soldier who has been captured. John doesn't remember how he got here or even where he's at. John sifts thru his memories of the past to be distant in the present. John's captor tries to get him to talk but hasn't had any luck so far. John knows that he can't give out any information to his captor. Will John break? Or will John be rescued? In There and Back Again, our tale picks up the story of James, a soldier in World War II fighting in France. James tries to see the best of things yet the harsh reality of war is all around him. James and his fellow soldier David seem to be where the action is. James seems to know when trouble occurs near his unit. Can James stay out of trouble? Will he see some action? Down the Rabbit Hole, a young boy named Tom leads an unhappy life with his family. Tom's father Jack is an abusive man that wants little to do with him. Tom loves his mother and his stuffed rabbit Borger very much. One day Tom discovers that Borger can talk to him and nothing is the same afterwards. What do Tom and Borger do? Can Tom get away from his father? Answers to all these questions are in Shades of Grey.
  • Reflection on June 23, 2012

    Heather or Heath as her best friend Creed calls her is about to take a very important step in her life since graduating from high school. She's going to college at Washington University starting in four days. Creed isn't happy about Heather leaving yet accepts her reasons why she's doing it this soon. Heather isn't like most young people going off to college she is trying to move forward with her life yet shuts people out of getting to know her better. Since Heather's mom passed away she's afraid of love and friendship Creed knows about Heather. Heather has rules like don't get too close and keep to yourself. All this is about to change when she meets Nick or Hat as she likes to call him. Heather is drawn to him like no else in her whole life except for her mom, Creed, and Grandma V. Nick remains aloof to her while they share two classes together. Heather wants to get to know him yet struggles to do so because of her rules. Heather slowly lets's Nick in yet doesn't tell him the truth about her family for fear he won't love or accept her. Nick likes that Heather fixes things on her own. He doesn't understand the meaning behind the ring Creed gave her. She tells him it's a promise but doesn't explain further. Heather asks Nick to talk about himself yet he counters no promises. Heather has been in an accident and coma yet remembers dreaming about Nick. Where is Nick? Why is Creed here? How long was the coma? Why did Heather dream and think while in a coma? Your answers await you in Reflection.
  • The Heart's Discovery on July 02, 2012

    Anjaline or Angie Rodriguez led a happy life in Quito, Ecuador with her best friend Claudia and her cousin Jose. She was going to Cotopaxi Academy in the Fall. All of that changes when her stepfather tells her that they moving to Hope Valley in British Columbia, Canada. Her dreams are dash and broken to pieces. She is sure that she won't like anything in Hope Valley. Angie meets Gabriel, Evelyn, Leah, and Elijah Walker along with Seth. She tries making friends but is brushed off and she stops trying. Enter Damien Vega into Hope Valley staying with Karl Dettweiler. Damien becomes Angie's good and only friend which makes Evelyn or Evie very jealous. Damien feels that Angie is the key to gaining more friends in Hope Valley. Gabriel doesn't trust Damien or his actions. Angie thinks of Gabriel as her protector and hero. Will Angie be friends with Gabriel and Evie? What about Damien? Will Angie come to like Hope Valley? Your answers await you in The Heart's Discovery.
  • The Palaver Tree on July 11, 2012

    Ellie Hathaway and Diane Henderson are best friends that share a love for charity work. The Hope Foundation run by Gaberiel Cole seems like a perfect for Ellie after mother's passing. John was in a fatal hit and run accident where there are no leads on who did it. Devastated by both her mother and John's passing, Ellie needs to do something and Gaberiel Cole has just the thing a teaching position in Dunca, Africa. Ellie is excited about her teaching post that will last a year. Meanwhile in the London office of The Hope Foundation, Tiffany works to keep the office running smoothly. Tiffany knows the many moods of Gaberiel Cole and he's clearly unhappy about something but not sure what. Gaberiel acts like Tiffany isn't doing her job good enough. Diane Henderson is keeping two secrets from her husband Neil and she's not sure what to do about either of them. Diane or Di loves hearing about Ellie's work in Dunca. Ellie meets Anna Paxman and Marc Rooyen where she forms deep friendships with both of them. Anna Paxman or Pax shows Ellie around Dunca for good shopping that Hector will not take her too per Gaberiel's orders. Marc helps Ellie fix her garden and pool; there is something building between Marc and Ellie. At the Hope Foundation School, Promise and Suleiman work with the children in separate classes named after fruit such as Mango and Banana. Promise must also work in the office for many hours after school. She hopes that Gaberiel keeps his promise to marry her. Tiffany also hopes that Gaberiel will marry her as planned. Gaberiel Cole is good at making promises to unsuspecting females. Will Di confess her secret? Will Ellie learn the truth about Gaberiel? What about Pax and Marc? Will Tiffany's and Promise's dreams come true? Will Gaberiel be caught? Who is Gaberiel Cole? Your answers await you in The Palaver Tree.
  • The Weeping Empress on July 17, 2012

    Chiyo Alglaeca was living a happy with her husband Michael and their daughter Hannah. When she unexpectedly finds herself in a faraway land of Dashkalil with no memory of how she got there. She meets up with Muhjah and Senka on the road escaping the nyims wrath. Muhjah and Senka are drawn to Chiyo in ways neither can explain. Chiyo does not accept being helpless and tries to change her circumstances for herself and those around her. Senka believes Chiyo is Muhjah's pet project and limits his contact with her. Muhjah starts teaching Chiyo how to defend herself and eventually Senka helps with this as well. Andela secretly worships in the Sacerdosita of Kali and knows of a little known prophecy about the Arm of the Goddess. Andela believes that Chiyo is the Arm of the Goddess. Senka, Muhjah, and Chiyo disrupt the nyims all over Dashkalil but avoid the capital city in their wanderings. Emperor Kenichi is tired of this band of rebels being a thorn in his side. It's time to bring this to an end. Chiyo is captured and tortured at the Emperor's command. Senka and Muhjah rescue Chiyo with the help of Sacerdosita on one condition but neither of them like the condition yet accept it. Will Chiyo ever return to her family? What does Chiiyo think of the condition? Can Senka and Muhjah help Chiyo in her task? What is the ultimate goal of Sacerdosita? Your answers await you in The Weeping Empress.
  • Pandora's Key on July 21, 2012

    Evangeline Theopolis or E to her friends is a teenager who is turning sixteen soon. E with her best friend Melia and Raphe Petersen help E cope with life and other struggles she faces. E has been having strange dreams that are more like nightmares of different women killing themselves in the prime of their lives. E's mother Olivia has been acting strangely lately and E is worried about her. Samatha Harris is Olivia's agent and E's godmother. Malledy is an Archivist and suffering from Huntington's Disease. He is searching for some cure and hope that he can defeat the disease. Malledy is keeping a few secrets of his own from Juliette and the Archivists too. Juliette is Malledy's mentor and follow Archivist that is hiding a secret. She is a member of the Pandora Sect and leading a dual life which is wearing on her these last few years. Malledy has an appointment with Dr. Aali regarding Huntington's Disease. He's hoping for good news but not holding his breathe either. E's world is turned upside down when she finds her mother passed out on her bedroon floor. Dr. Sullivan tells Olivia and E that there isn't much hope. E tries to deny the truth yet it's plain on Dr. Sullivan's face. E is kidnapped and taken hostage by unseen foes in front of Raphe. Raphe asks for Dr. Sullivan's in finding E Dr. Sullivan reluctantly agrees to help. Detective Morrison is searching for Evangeline and Samatha too. Will Olivia get better? Will Juliette be found out? What is Malledy's plan? Will E trust Samatha or Melia? What about Raphe? Will Detective Morrison find E? Your answers await you in Pandora's Key.
  • Underneath on July 29, 2012

    Hugh seems like your average hardworking man that is polite, takes care of himself, and goes to the gym to workout. Hugh seems to blend into the crowd unnoticed which suits him just fine. Constables Clare and Robert are hardworking police officers that are working on seemingly unrelated cases at the grocery store,local college, and missing teenage boy. Abigal meets Hugh on the train and the two meet up for drinks. Abigal briefly sees something lurking behind Hugh's eyes then thinks she imagined it. Abigal and Hugh become close which pleases Hugh. Constables Clare and Robert get a surprising lead from missing teenage boy's friend that he and his friends hang out at an apartment building. The boy says that a creepy guy chases them off. Will Abigal figure out what Hugh is hiding? Will Constables Clare and Robert solve their cases? Where does Hugh fit into all of this? Do you know what is lurking Underneath?
  • What Kills Me on Aug. 28, 2012

    Axelia or Zee as she's called is in Rome to study abroad and is a native of Canada. She loves to take pictures and often loses track of time when she's exploring. She finds herself lost in the city and doesn't have her host family's address or telephone number with her. When an attractive young man asks if she's lost and she honestly admits that yes she is lost. Paolo is very interested in Zee but not for the reasons anyone would expect. Zee agrees to meet with Paolo for the next night but her plans are thwarted by her host family instituting a curfew. Zee's best friend Ryka tells Zee to take a chance to do something risky. Zee decides to take a risk with meeting Paolo yet her world is shattered by what he reveals. Vampires are not myth like Zee has been led to believe and Paolo happens to be one of them. Zee runs from Paolo and ends up falling into a well filled with blood. When Zee climbs out of the well nothing makes any sense to her. The well's guardian Uther tells Zee that she can never she her family again. Zee cries that this isn't fair and why can't she go because you're now a vampire says Uther. Zee is taken before The Monarchy where she is condemned to death right along with Paolo. She escapes with her life and stumbles upon a family. Noel, Jerome, and Lucas are swordsmiths for the Aramatta. Lucas wants nothing to do with Zee. Noel wants to protect Zee from The Monarchy. Can Zee really escape The Monarchy? What is so different about Zee? Can Noel and family protect Zee? What does The Monarchy really fear? Your answers await you in What Kills Me. This book from the get go hooks you in and doesn't let go. The action in the plot moves the story along nicely as well as making you want more of it. I thought the characters both major and minor were well thought out leaving no gaps in the plot. Each character had it's significance and blended well in the ebb and flow of the story. This is why I rated the book four stars out of five stars.
  • Bits of Cargill on Oct. 08, 2012

    Bits of Cargill is a collection of vignettes that are full of satire, humor, and otherwise making you think the ideas thru. Some of my favorites include Beauty Baggins's Horoscopes that just make you shake your head and chuckle for instances:Her Olympic Horoscopes where she thought she'd have a chance to go for walk instead of watching the games. Also her Christmas and New Year's horoscopes shared tiny bits of truth. Another favorite is Nurse Ratched that's right Nurse Ratched. Her thoughts on everyday life problems make you wonder if she's happy with her lot in life. Nurse Ratched dispensed with harsh critism ans sarcasm against her fellow man or woman. Honestly she thoughts made me chuckle and shake my head not in disgust or hate but in relief that it wasn't me she was talking too. Like the author's works, he shows great care in weaving a story that is believable, funny, and genuine. My personal on this work is if your in the mood for satire and good shaking of your head kind at some of the nonsense people tell each other and themselves yet don't believe it themselves. I'm definitely looking for to this author's next book.
  • Night Marchers on Oct. 14, 2012

    Emma Townsend is your average teenager that has recently received the shock of her young life. Her father, a paranormal investigator, has taken a job in Hawaii and their moving within a month. Emma is not sure how she feels about leaving at near the end of her senior year. Emma and her best friend infinitely or BFI Kaylee are trying to cope with all of these sudden changes yet neither one wants to say good bye to each other. Her father's employers The Kealohas have spared no expense in bringing The Townsends to Hawaii. Her father's job is researching the Night Marchers. The Night Marchers are a group of mysterious people that roam Kauni Island yet you should never look them in the eyes. Emma and her father settle into their new lives. Emma meets Alani and her son Tristan is glad for the company. Tristan tries to help Emma settle into her life by trying to teach her how to surf, hiking to special place, and watching the sunset. Emma admits to herself that she likes Tristan very much. Meanwhile a mysterious man is watching Emma yet Emma thinks she imagined him. Until Emma becomes lost near special place close to dark. Kai has been watching a young lady closely yet when she is caught in the stare of a Night Marcher. He knows that he must act to protect her at all costs. Kai is drawn to Emma in ways he can't explain to himself and develops feelings for her as well. The Menehunes leader Adam tries to help Kai and Emma break the curse of Night Marchers. Emma also has feelings for Kai yet for Tristan as well. She feels like she's being torn in two because of it. What can The Menehune do for Emma? What is Kai willing to risk? What about Emma's family and friends? Can the curse of the Night Marchers be broken? What will Emma do? Your answers await you in Night Marchers.
  • Midnight Curse (The Witchlings #1) on Oct. 27, 2012

    Like most books about witches, this one was a coming of age tale that could have been redundant in the telling yet it was not. All of the characters were likeable,flawed, love/hate status, and friendly too. The story was skillfully woven with just the right amount of backstory without it being over done or tossed out like breadcrumbs~a piece at a time which can drive you crazy. The pacing of the story was just beautiful it wasn't rushed or force at all. It was a true page turner because you just had to know what happened next it was that good. Everything flowed together in such a way that you were anxious for more until you finished the book. Here are my thoughts: Roxanne(Roxy) Taylor has just moved into another town to attend another new school with just her dad. Roxy's mother left when she was just four years old. She keeps hoping that this will be her last move yet she's not holding her breathe either. She meets Amber, who takes her under wing, at school and the two become friends quickly. When Roxy spys a group of good looking individuals known as The Elites. She becomes fascinated by Luke and the feeling is definitely mutual much to the dismay of one member. Luke and Roxy become close quickly. Yet Roxy knows that Luke is hiding something from her just not sure what. Every year for Roxy's birthday, she's wished to see her mother yet this year's wish is different. Luke mysteriously disappears and no one has heard from him. Roxy learns some interesting news about her mother and confronts her father with what she's learned. Roxy receives even more stunning news~her mother wants to see her and she's also a witch. Roxy has a lot to learn about her heritage, being a witch, and staying clear of the witch finders too. Where is Luke? Do the witch finders have him? Can Roxy handle the truth? Will she accept being a witch? Your answers await you in The Witchlings Midnight Curse. I have to say that I truly despised Mr. Smith from the get go. He struck me as the type of person who finds no joy in anything and everything that he does. It's almost like he has unreasoning hate for people in general. He always appeared to be angry about everything and nothing at the same time. It was like he lived and breathed hate in all of it's forms. How does a person cope in the face of all that? Simply put you learn to ignore it and pray that the person gets over themselves soon. At least that is my take on how to deal with The Mr. Smith's of the world.
  • Kitsune-Tsuki on Oct. 28, 2012

    Tsurugu no Kiyomori is asked to protect the daimyou's new wife from harm by kitsune that has purportedly roaming the country side. Daimyou wishes that his new wife be protected thru Tsurugu's services as an onmyouji. He must work hand and hand with Kagemura no Shishio Hitoshi or as Ookami to provide protection at all costs. Kitsune-Tsuki is proving hard to catch and very little clues have been found as proof of it's existence either. Ookami is starting to suspect someone as the kitsune and tries to get Tsurugu to help him find the proof that is needed. Kitsune is blamed for a young village girl being possessed with fox spirit even if the accusation proven false. Daimyou's wife Kaede comes under suspicion as the kitsune with very little proof for such a claim. Will Ookami find the kitsune? Will the village girl go home? What is Tsuruga's plan? Your answers await you in Kitsune-Tsuki
  • Under By Duress on Jan. 07, 2013

    Tahima Sheldon is busy renovating her grandfather's old lodge in the Blue Mountains for the next three months. She's only really beginning her work on the old lodge and hopes to make all the necessary improvements so that she's able to rent out the place. When she sees a small plane circling the forest near her lodge only to hear it crash a short time later. She goes to see if anyone is hurt. Seeing the lone passenger is relatively unhurt attempts to walk away but is stop short by velvety voice asking to make a radio call. Tahima hasn't heard a voice like this since her last dom Stephan betrayed her. Tahima wants to fall into that voice in a heartbeat but she won't let herself fall into that trap again. Gian Rossini is every inch the alpha male and dom that he presents himself to Tahima. He is trying to stay one step ahead of the law that is until he is confronted with Tahima's stubborn force of will. He tries to put Tahima at ease only find that she gets even more stubborn and trying her dominant tendencies on him. He's intrigued and stunned to find himself responding to Tahima's demands even if some of those are more like torture. They both survived the trip down the mountain where Rossini turned over to the police. Three months later, Tahima's career is taking off in a new direction which pleases her. She still thinks about Rossini sometimes. Rossini is free from the law but his heart isn't so free. Stephan unexpectedly shows up at Tahima's apartment where none of his intentions are good. Can Tahima get free of Stephan? Will Tahima see Rossini again? Can Rossini convince Tahima his feelings are geniune? Your answers await you in Under By Duress. This is a brand new author for me and great start to a series of books that are definitely fast reads. I found that I could really relate to Tahima on a personal level thru all of her struggles mentally and emotionally. The range of emotion was completely astounding for such fast read book. I was intrigued by Rossini because he really wanted to help Tahima even though she didn't believe him at all or trust him. I felt that the torture elements were appropriate and not overly done either. There was just enough and no more which was fine by me. I'm definitely looking forward to the next installment in this series Under By Treaty.
  • Horizon on Jan. 22, 2013

    This quick read follows like the rest of Surrender Series. A husband and wife try to spice of their sex life. While the husband thinks that he's going to be in charge his wife has other ideas. Adam is unsure what to make of his wife Helena's idea to dominant him in the bedroom. Adam seeks the advice of female domme about his reservations that he's having. The female domme advises him to talk with his wife to learn what is at the heart of this idea. Adam doesn't keep secrets from his wife letting her know that he met with female domme. Helena is stunned by this admission and tries to be understanding. Adam explains his qualms about this idea. Helena treats his concerns with understanding and love. Can Adam really submit to Helena? Why does Helena want control? Your answers await you in Horizon
  • The Witchlings Blood Moon on Jan. 31, 2013
    (no rating)
    Book exchanged for an honest review~ Roxanne (Roxy) Taylor has only been a witch for a couple months. Roxy's boyfriend Luke by her side can do anything and not be bothered by The Elites. When a blood moon appears in the sky above Holbrook everyone that is a witch scrambles to find out the meaning of this. Catherine is leader of Holbrook Witches fears the blood moon's meaning along with recent fire to her ancestral home by witch finders. Witch finders are lead by Mr. Smith who will do anything and everything to see any witch destroyed no matter the cost or who gets hurt. Witch finder Loretta who is also Amber's mother. Loretta cannot believes these events lead her back to Catherine after all these years since Ethan's death. Loretta has been sent by The Witch Finder's Council to report back on Mr. Smith's activities. The Blood Moon brings strange events that cannot be explained but answers must be found. Catherine is dying and nothing can be done about it but she must leave letters for Howard, Roxy, and Luke with instructions. Roxy is hit hard by Catherine's death to the point of being inconsolable. Luke doesn't like seeing Roxy like this but doesn't know how to help her. Brooke is trying to cope with Catherine's death because she was like a second mother to her. What is the meaning behind the Blood Moon? What does Catherine know? Can Roxy find the strength to move forward? Your answers await you in Blood Moon. This is the second installment of the Witchlings Series. I honestly didn't think any more secrets could be found in this book. Boy was I wrong, Amber's mom being a witch finder and Catherine's soul being tainted. I have more questions after answers were given for other questions. I'm excited to see where the next book leads too. I'm anxiously waiting for the next book by this author.
  • There Can't Be Shadows Without Light on Feb. 01, 2013

    Book exchanged for an honest review~ Druantia's children are gifted with magical gifts that help them to important tasks like finding missing children or helping a young woman regain control of her life. Susan Andrew doesn't know what to do or where to turn except for O'Byrne's a family of witches for help. Susan is missing periods of time, feels like she's having odd memories, and on the verge of mental breakdown with O'Byrne's help. Natilie is gifted with sight but her new powerful gift of astral projection is literally tearing her apart from inside out. She needs to be able to take care of her daughter Tawny. Natilie has created a persona called The Raven when dealing with F.B.I. agent Jessica Hughe. Together they have solved many missing children cases and their next case will prove unsettling to all. Natilie encounters Thymane, a Daemon, creator of moon blade but isn't sure what to make of him. Will Susan get her life back? What happens during the next case? What will happen between Natilie and Thymane? Your answers await you in There Can't Be Shadows Without Light. A very interesting twist about how magic is bestowed on one family with many branches. I love the interaction between the family in mindspeech. Druantia is truly unique character that is bold and strong at the same time. I'll be interested to see what happens next.
  • Strong Blood (Last Moon Rising #2) on Feb. 23, 2013

    Haley is still learning who she can trust and still doesn't have any answers either. She keeps finding herself in dreamstate battling Ian. She also meets Mystery Boy in dreamstate. In dreamstate Haley learns about another Eyid Stone in the Tamoor region. Haley tries to shield herself from others and dreamstate but isn't having any luck. Tuggin and Elana are hiding something from Haley. Tuggin tells Haley not to trust anyone including him. Yet Haley can't help how she feels about Tuggin and wonders if he feels the same way. Haley makes new acquaintances with Luke and Telsa. Luke appears to understand that Haley is lonely for some companionship. Haley also searches for her brother Axel. Who is Mystery Boy? Where is Axel? Will Ian leave Haley alone? Can Haley control her dreamstate? Who can Haley really trust? Will Eyid Stone be found? Your answers await you in Strong Blood. In this second installment, we learn more about Eyid Stones, Eyid~emos, and Eyid's themselves. Haley is still a very enjoyable character that continues to grow and change even if other's like Tuggin think she's a child. I find that Tuggin intrigues me in several ways:first in his manner; second in his voice like it's the voice of reason; and lastly in how he relates to others. I'm hoping we get to learn more about Tuggin as person and Menta. I look forward to the next installment in this series.
  • Erotic Seduction on March 02, 2014

    Isobel is a neglected woman by her husband Peter. She starts having an affair with Jay. All she wants is someone to pay attention to her even for just a little while. She doesn't care how she gets that attention just that she gets it. Will she get that attention? What will Jay do with her?
  • Permanent Winter on Aug. 30, 2014

    Skye and Blane are vampires that prey on everyone no matter the gender. Skye keeps asking for a baby but Blane says that they can't have baby because it wouldn't work. Skye refuses to believe Blane. Hank is down on his luck especially since his divorce and estrangement from his son Joshua. Hank doesn't know what to do with his life now. He's only going thru the motions anyway. Joshua is searching for God and getting no answers anyway. Joshua meets Ruth which changes everything for him. He just doesn't know it yet. Ruth becomes a light in Joshua's world. Will Skye get what she wants? Will Hank remain lost? Will Joshua continue to seek God? Your answers await you in Permanent Winter. I gotta admit that Mr. Palmquist writes riveting book from first page to last page. He doesn't write your typical horror books but creates uniquely inspired works that suck you in and don't let go either. I'm definitely looking forward to more of Mr. Palmquist's work in the future.
  • Cemeteries of the Heart and Other Stories on Aug. 30, 2014

    This collection of stories are all about what your heart desires most. Each story takes unique look at this very question. Mr. Palmquist is a creative and imaginative mind. The stories were haunting, rich, bold, and unique making this book a real page turner. I invite you to discover this for yourself in Cemeteries of the Heart and Other Stories.
  • The Undead Heart (#1 in the Blood Thirst Series) on Aug. 30, 2014

    Rebecca (Beck) Stockdale is an unusual young woman. Her parents call her a freak because she wants to study parapsychology. Beck's older sister Bev and "The Man" have been her constant supports through out her life in ways that her parents never will be. Beck's life changes the day "The Man" decides to tell her who he really is to her. Beck's life will never be the same again and she likes it that way. "The Man" is really Richard Beck's mate. Richard is really a vampyre and knows that to drink Beck's blood is poison to him and other vampyre's like him. Richard tells Beck that his all alone except for his brother Leso since the rest of his family is dead. Beck wants to change this for Richard and Leso for all the happiness they've brought her. Only one thing can put a damper on this idea vampyre named Elderson. Can Beck truly bring back Richard and Leso's family? How is this accomplished? What about Elderson? Your answers await you in The Undead Heart. I loved the vampyre lore presented in this story! It follows most of traditional vampyre lore but with truly unique twists not yet explored by other authors. Hands down the best character in this story has to be Beck. She literally does not put up with other people's personal hang ups which other people stumble over into big drama. I appreciate how the author handle alot of aspects in this story that could have been real stumbling blocks. I look forward to the next installment in the series.
  • After The Darkness: Episode One on Aug. 30, 2014

    Calcane City is not a friendly place to live yet it's all fourteen year old Nadia's got. Nadia knows that any time soon they will be coming for her. Yet she doesn't have anywhere else to go either. Thomas Thumb and Percy Bright are sent out to retrieve dead or alive. Thomas isn't afraid of pocketing more money amongst other things. Percy doesn't want any part of this yet doesn't stop it either. Who would believe him any way. Percy's wife demands more and more which means collecting more and more debt. Where does Nadia end up? What is Thomas' role? When will it all stop? Your answers await you in After The Darkness:Episode One.
  • After The Darkness: Episode Two on Aug. 30, 2014

    Nadia Comani is searching for a way out to find her sister Mila. She holds a valuable black token she received from Percy. She only thinks of escaping and being free. Percy is occuring more debt every time he gambles. He's trying to meet his wife's demands for a better life. Can Nadia escape? Can Percy give his family a better life? Your answers await you in After the Darkness:Episode Two. This is very interesting futuristic series. It's interesting to see how the future would look like and how people would react to different situations. I find futuristic books to be interesting and showcasing humanity at it's worst and best. I look forward to reading more of this author's work.
  • After The Darkness: Episode Three on Aug. 30, 2014

    Nadia escapes her life at the hostel and joins up with a resistance type group promising to get her to Percy Bright. Nadia makes friends with tribe member Colby. They are traveling an old railroad tunnel to reach Sector 3. Percy's life descent into further debt from bad bet gambling. He's clearly over his head but doesn't see any way out of until his daughter mentions factional festival. Will Nadia make it to Section 3? What is Nadia hiding? Will Percy come clean about this new debt? What is important about factional festival? Your answers await you in After the Darkness:Episode Three.
  • After The Darkness: Episode Four on Aug. 30, 2014

    Nadia and Colby make their way toward Section 3 and only have seven days to get back. Colby wants to believe Nadia about her quest for her sister but fears that it's all a lie on her part. Nadia tells Colby the absolute truth about searching for her sister. She truly believes that Mila can be found. Nadia doesn't want to be punished any more than Colby does but she has to take the risk in finding her sister. Will Nadia and Colby reach their destination? Will Nadia actually find Percy? Your answers await you in After the Darkness:Episode Four.
  • The Witchlings Blood Moon on Aug. 30, 2014

    Roxanne (Roxy) Taylor has only been a witch for a couple months. Roxy's boyfriend Luke by her side can do anything and not be bothered by The Elites. When a blood moon appears in the sky above Holbrook everyone that is a witch scrambles to find out the meaning of this. Catherine is leader of Holbrook Witches fears the blood moon's meaning along with recent fire to her ancestral home by witch finders. Witch finders are lead by Mr. Smith who will do anything and everything to see any witch destroyed no matter the cost or who gets hurt. Witch finder Loretta who is also Amber's mother. Loretta cannot believes these events lead her back to Catherine after all these years since Ethan's death. Loretta has been sent by The Witch Finder's Council to report back on Mr. Smith's activities. The Blood Moon brings strange events that cannot be explained but answers must be found. Catherine is dying and nothing can be done about it but she must leave letters for Howard, Roxy, and Luke with instructions. Roxy is hit hard by Catherine's death to the point of being inconsolable. Luke doesn't like seeing Roxy like this but doesn't know how to help her. Brooke is trying to cope with Catherine's death because she was like a second mother to her. What is the meaning behind the Blood Moon? What does Catherine know? Can Roxy find the strength to move forward? Your answers await you in Blood Moon. This is the second installment of the Witchlings Series. I honestly didn't think any more secrets could be found in this book. Boy was I wrong, Amber's mom being a witch finder and Catherine's soul being tainted. I have more questions after answers were given for other questions. I'm excited to see where the next book leads too. I'm anxiously waiting for the next book by this author.
  • In Gods' Hands on Aug. 30, 2014

    Cassandra (Cassie) Tracy catches her boyfriend cheating on her and runs out into the streets of Tuscany during Carnival. She wonders what's gonna happen now that she has no place to live and no boyfriend either. She wants to forget she ever met her boyfriend. Cassie nearly runs over a stranger with her ex-boyfriend's Constantina. Cassie never expected to find such passion and fire with this hansome stranger. Will Cassie forgive her boyfriend? Who is this handsome stranger? Can Cassie find the passion within herself again? This is great quick read that can get you hot under the collar and bedroom too. I totally related to Cassie. The handsome strangers were smoking hot.
  • he & She on Dec. 12, 2015

    I thought that I would like this book based on the blurb. Well it turns out that my expectations fell flat on their ass. I don't know if it's me or what but the writing style and story went from having to dimension to being lifeless and boring. I'm seriously wondering how I made myself finish this book other than the fact that I've got need to finish the book syndrome instead of DNF the book. I wish the author luck with his writing in the future.