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Guy Brooke grew up fascinated with the lyrical words of songs. How could he, too, manipulate such emotions? After years of writing 100 plus songs, producing two self-published music albums, crafting and directing three original musical plays, and conducting five guitar concerts through San Juan College in Farmington, New Mexico, it proved to be easy for him to cross over into colorful rhyming stories for children and young adult fantasy novels. Guy loves life, loves the young, and loves to write. Residing in Naches, Washington with his wife, Barbara, Guy wishes to continue manipulating words for the young readers until carpal tunnel takes its toll : ))

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Mystical Mountain Magic - Book trailer
This is the poem that started it all. On the other side of the ode you’re about to enter Mystical Mountain Magic's two part novel, crafted for young adult readers in search of exploring a new world of fantasy, allegorical creatures and the ever elusive fountain of youth. So come on in and meet the family—warts and all—there's lots of room!


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