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  • Anathema (Causal Enchantment, #1) on July 19, 2011

    I would like to point out that I don’t go around giving five stars to books I think are “just” really good, no, they have to be perfect from every single angle, and this book definitely was. K. A Tucker has taken the irresistibility of Vampires into a new level. Well, a new dimension would be more accurate. The storyline of this book is incredible; I couldn’t put my iPad down. It was literally attached to my palm for the duration of me reading this book and then some. My favorite time to read became right before I went to sleep because I wanted to close my eyes and dream of Caden the way Evengeline did. K. A Tucker has created two new twists in this gripping novel. First: The vampire’s venom on earth has lost its effect on humans, which means they lost the ability to change humans into vampires. Second: Ratheus’s human population has been extinct for 700 years and the vampires there are starving. The solution to both problems was Evengeline who was cursed by a witch Vampire –the source of all the problems. This is a story about love, lost, and self preservation. Caden is a breath of fresh air, he is flawless like every other vampire ‘love interest’ but his personality in this book is just to die for. He struggles to stay away from Evengeline because he knows there is no future between a vampire who’s been away from human blood for 700 years and and a fragile human who is from a completely other world. And he knows the only reason he hasn’t killed her already is because Evengeline’s curse has masked the scent of her blood from him. But it doesn’t matter because he is already with Rachel — a blood thirsty, totally jealous, extremely possessive Ratheus council member. K. A Tucker has created new species in this book which definitely took the plot to a new level. Were-creatures: they are the result of Vampires using their venom on animals who become connected with their vampire masters telepathically, they triple in size and protect their masters territory. And abnormal Vampires: they are desperate vampires who have experimented on feeding off of other vampires which mutated them. Review by Hiba from www.WovenStrand.wordpress.com