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Richard Wyndbourne is a resident of the Northleft Coast of the US of A since first he earned his own bread and vino; now here, now there. Seattle is where he presently hangs his hat. A sometime scholar of history and society, historical theory is his chiefest design. A graduate of The Evergreen State College, he is a Greener in all senses; wiser thereby, if unfit for a drone’s life therefore. To speak of callings, he’d best put ‘gym rat,’ ‘wordsmith,’ or ‘trekker in the Mountains of Imagination’ on the shingle. What most do with life, family, and career have sifted through his fingers like colorless talc: You too would find them hard to grasp if you reached for the stars. He whistles while he walks, and he walks on.

Through the generation just preceding Richard Wyndbourne has read---and written---more poetry than fiction by far, while even so the seventh art has come first with the use of his stray time. He has your acquaintance, and you his, since he is now an accidental novelist. Yes, a figment of words waylaid him in a weak moment, and though he fled from that iridescent specter he was pursued and overcome, and a keyboard thrust into his smiling fingers to tell of Great Tyrri. Apart from that series now begun, the six best books you’ve never read are each one-third done on his laptop. To find the freedom to finish any amongst them, he’s written the one which you now have; a bit-work ladder from out of the Pit, he’ll climb till he gains the sun. Having advanced the proposition that he can live by his wits, he is presently in the discovery phase regarding whether he has any to speak of.

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Tales of Tyrri
Literary fictional texts set in the alternative prehistory milieu of Gaone Muru, the Middle Coast, including novel length story cycles, novella extracts from the larger works, a reader's guide with extensive glossaries and supporting materials, and other related works.

The Flock of the Shore

Price: $3.99 USD.


Tales of Tyrri Glossaries and Supplementa
Series: Tales of Tyrri. Price: Free! Words: 16,980. Language: English. Published: May 25, 2014. Categories: Fiction » Alternative history, Fiction » Literature » Literary
The reader’s guide and reference companion to the novel The Flock of the Shore and other works in the alternative history series Tales of Tyrri. Extensive glossaries translating the novel's unique language, complete maps and gazettes, principal character listings and genealogies, a roster of the deity pantheon and avatars, a concise essay on the historical bases of this imagined world, and more.
The Flock of the Shore
Series: Tales of Tyrri. Price: $3.99 USD. Words: 395,390. Language: English. Published: May 25, 2014. Categories: Fiction » Alternative history, Fiction » Literature » Literary
A chronicle begins in this alternative history of an Atlantis-like civilization on the ancient California Coast where an ensemble of characters---seasoned and green, from society’s apex and its dregs also---come to Great Tyrri on its seaside bay, the teeming, scheming, clan-ruled metropolis of Gaone Muru, the Middle Coast, in its richest hour on the cusp of crisis and change.

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