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Born in Tallahassee, FL, JL has spent over twenty years in her career. She enjoys gardening, travelling, whitewater rafting, tennis, and writing. Erotica is her main genre of interest, but she also likes reading historical fiction, mysteries, horror, romance, and biographies.

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Twitter: @XXXMILFauthor

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  • American Flyboy 2nd Edition on Jan. 21, 2016

    N.D. Clark's "American Flyboy" is an excellent read for those history buffs that love m/m action. Kenneth, an American ace shoots down his Nazi enemies both for his country as well as for a measure of revenge for two lost comrades. That is, until one day when he is shot down over enemy territory. He is quickly surrounded and taken prisoner by a vicious and sadistic SS Uberfuhrer, and Kenneth's future could not look any more bleak. But, then, the unexpected happens. Kenneth discovers that he is not exactly alone. On the way to a P.O.W. camp, he finds himself in the company of several Germans who disagree with Hitler's ambitions and realize that the war is all but over for Germany. He finds help in some of the most unexpected places such as a couple of SS soldiers and a P.O.W. camp commandant. One of which turns out to be the love of his life. Together, they launch a daring escape plan that bonds them all together forever. Clark's descriptive writing allows the reader to sit inside of the cockpit of an American fighter plane as well as feel the cold, misery, and dispair of being an enemy P.O.W. The book is filled with intrigue and action packed especially when it comes to m/m sex. The eroticism is off the scale and leaves the reader wishing that they were actually there to participate! If this is Clark's introduction, what will he do for an encore?
  • Orgasm Incorporated: Book One on Feb. 09, 2016

    Ladies, you should probably seek out Karl Five for some mind-blowing sex. That's because he probably knows your sexual organs and their functions better than you do! Guys, you just might learn a thing or two yourselves! M/F, M/M, etc. it's all catered to at Orgasm Inc. In Karl Five's "Orgasm Incorporated Book One," the author introduces you to a futuristic world where a very small group of people own the vast majority of the world's wealth. With even traditional customer service jobs being a thing of the past, it becomes an honor and a priviledge for a couple's son or daughter to be accepted by Orgasm Incorporated once they are of age. Orgasm Inc. is a sexual service center where the wealthy elite pay to do almost anything they want to have their sexual way with those fortunate enough to be chosen. It's a world of spa attendants, trainers, and Techs that prepare men, women, and intersexuals for a highly erotic and desirable sexual experience for their clients. Five's mastery of the sexual organs and their functions is on full display in "Orgasm Incorporated." Thankfully, this is only book one. There are at least two more sensual and orgasmic books that follow!
  • Orgasm Incorporated, Book Two on March 19, 2016

    In "Orgasm Incorporated, Book Two," Karl Five takes us deeper into this futuristic world where there is a sharp divide between the elite few and everyone else. One of the few industries that has survived is the specialty of Orgasm Inc. There, they provide exotic services of a sexual nature to those that can afford it. As the reader goes through the ten stories, we learn more of Five's vision of this world through the employees of Orgasm Inc. We see how rough their starts in life were and how lucky they are to be employed by this company. However, we are also entertained by the writer's wit and creativity. Kinky scenes of sexual exploration are played out for the reader. The writing has been thoroughly researched and alternates between clinical and sexy as hell. His descriptions might actually encourage the reader to do more gender-beinding sexual exploration in many different areas ... or consider a career change. Having read the first two books of this series, all I can say is that I want more, much more!
  • Date with Disaster on May 06, 2016

    In Karl Five's latest addition to The Rick&Jerry Series, we see that the couple has progressed steadily forward in what is still a new relationship. Their lives are coming together, so much so that they appear to have a routine. Just when their new life together begins to feel normal, disaster strikes. Every relationship goes through its share of trials and tribulations. These stress tests are necessary for the two involved to learn more about each other. When you're in a relationship and you live with someone, you start to see sides of each other that you may not have noticed before. You'll have to read it yourself to find out what the ordeal does for Rick and Jerry. In true Karl Five fashion, he is very good at being true to his characters as well as their descriptions and the descriptions of events. He has always had a way of putting you in the characters' shoes and allowing you a most intimate, and often lovely, view of their adventures. In this book, he adds a note of redemption for one of the minor characters featured in past books in this series. Redemption is one of my favorite themes as we all are in need of redemption at some point in our lives.
  • Orgasm Incorporated: Book Three on May 10, 2016

    In Orgasm Incorporated: Book Three, Karl Five peels back the curtain further on the futuristic world that he has created for us. The world can be a cruel place, but it helps if you have sexual talents or maybe even peculiarities. Basically, if you have a marketable niche in the world of sex industry, you can get a job being the object of the desires of those few that can afford to pay for it. In this book, we see some old characters returning, but also meet new ones with different proclivities. In some stories, this futuristic world seems almost perilous for those that fail to please Orgasm Inc.'s clients. But, there are also more lighthearted success stories about those that do what they do very well as well as those that are willing to lend someone else a helping hand. With each book, Five's story seems to be picking up steam. It makes me eager to see what will happen in Book Four!