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I graduated many years ago from the University of Sydney with a B.Sc. majoring in Geology, Geophysics and Pure Mathematics. My first full-time job was as a Rock Mechanic engineer for the New Broken Hill Consolidated mine (now defunct) in the western part of NSW. I loved anything Science related and through work subscribed to as many science journals that I could.

I picked up the FORTRAN programming language from a textbook so that I could write and modify stress analysis programs for the Rock Mechanics section. With newly gained programming skills I moved to Adelaide to become involved in computer-based ore reserve estimation and mine planning. I also gained post-graduate computing qualifications from the University of Adelaide and picked up a couple more programming languages. After working a consulting role for about 10 years, I changed from the mining area to the teaching computer programming, database design and application development within TAFE (a post-secondary training part of the Education Department) in Perth for over 30 years.

I have felt for quite some time that there are many aspects of Physics, particularly in the area of atomic theory, and within the Astrophysics arena with talk of worm-holes, space-time and diversions into the fourth-dimension, that represent a mathematics-led journey into fantasy, Even the high-energy end of the research spectrum, with billions of dollars invested in Quantum Mechanics research and the search for elusive bosons and gluons, I have felt that the mathematics was becoming increasingly complex and specialized, accompanied with interpretations becoming increasingly divorced from reality. I do not support conspiracy theories of any kind, but can't help thinking that Physics has sold its soul to the Gods of pure mathematics at the expense of logic and common sense.

Upon retirement, as I had more time on my hands, I rekindled my interest of dabbling in Physics, which has resulted in 'The Duplicit Electron'. I am not a Physicist by profession, which has perhaps been an advantage in terms of looking objectively for possible chinks in theoretical Physics and exploring alternatives. Another possible advantage is that over the years I have developed some pretty reasonable logic and problem solving skills.

The journey leading to 'The Duplicit Electron' has taken about 4 years, and has involved much research and a steep learning curve to come to grips with the latest trends and theories of Physics. I have followed many flawed lines of reasoning and looked at many alternative approaches, and made many mistakes as part of the journey. However, at this stage of the project I am quite confident of the validity of the explanations provided by 'The Duplicit Electron' in regards to the nature of electricity and electromagnetism, and believe that it offers a realistic approach that provides a new emphasis and understanding regarding the nature and role of the electron.


The Duplicit Electron: Applying New Spin to Electricity and Electromagnetism
Price: Free! Words: 32,540. Language: British English. Published: September 13, 2020. Categories: Nonfiction » Science & Nature » Physics / Electricity, Nonfiction » Science & Nature » Physics / Electromagnetism
The importance of the duplicit nature of electrons has been largely under-played. The Duplicit Electron explains in plain-English the mysteries of positive and negative charge, electric and magnetic fields, electricity in semiconductors and metal conductors, capacitor charge and discharge, and radio-wave generation. Everyone with even the slightest interest in Science matters should read this book

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