Hi my name is XchylerConn.
I have Keizara Part One Dean out now, Part Two should be out soon as well. I'm working on Part Three at the moment!
Another series that will be coming to Smashwords shortlyis 3479, these two series share characters but CAN be read seperate.
I have a few other works in progress I hope to share with you soon!
I hope to hear from thoes of you who read these, feedback would be awesome! either posted as a review, or an email sent to me directly at xchylerconn@gmail.com.
These are not available in print but if you would like something signed just email me, and I can get a copy of the cover, and or just send you a signed letter :)
I hope to hear back from you guys! XC

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  • The Blood Moon of Winter - 2nd Edition on Feb. 20, 2011

    I will keep this short and sweet so I do not give anything away. I thought The Blood Moon of Winter was a fast paced easy read. I did not want to put my nook down; there was always something that had my attention. I never hit a dull or slow moment. Just as one intriguing moment ended another took its place. Before you know it you are near the end, you have so many questions in mind, and you are dying to turn the page. Then there are no more pages to turn, the book has ended leaving you looking for Beyond the Known Horizon. I would recommend The Blood Moon of Winter by Courtney Conant to everyone. With all that is going on in Lily’s life there is sure to be something to catch your attention.
  • Snow Burn on March 31, 2011

    I thought it was a great short story, with an excellent meaning behind it. Join Vince and Tommy as they mix their life styles together. Vince, the stupid jock, who is always up for adventure, and Tommy, the brainic, who would rather be laying in bed reading a book or watching a movie. Vince decides that he needs to break Tommy out of his secure bubble by taking him camping.... in the middle of winter. The night did not start out to bad, that is until the blizzard hit and they had an unexpected guest. But these two boys, could doing the opposite of what many people would do, make it impossible for these two to make it through the night?
  • The Mind Entangled - Part One: The Discovery on May 20, 2011

    Adrianna fell deep, deeply in love with the man of her dreams. Giving up one love, dance, for another, Torstein Haldor. Her life was soon to change, things spiraled out of control. With a simple note everything changed the life she knew became unknown. This was an amazing part to Courtney’s short story series The Mind Entangled. I can not wait, and will be pushing for part 2!
  • Little Gods on June 28, 2011

    this book was awesome! I loved it, i only wish there was more :( Rhiannon and Luke were intersting characters, and i would love to see them delvelop more together!!! :)Cant wait to find out where they are and how they got there!
  • Ex Cineribus Resurge on July 02, 2011

    with this review im so tempted to say NO stars haha its such a tease!!! but I sooo can not wait to read the book in its entirety :) I think it would be awesome!!!! great short all in all, i still say the emperor should be casted as George Cluney :) but maybe thats just me :) awesome work Caitlin can not wait to read more :)