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  • Wormwood on Nov. 15, 2011

    Wormwood is D.H.Nevins' first novel, and quite simply it's a hell of a debut. It tells the story of a tormented angel, the titular Wormwood, and the fulfilment of his destiny to destroy the earth. Wormwood is one of the Nephilim, a group of angels sent to bring humanity to judgement. The author's humanisation of these creatures captivated me. They are at once mythical, larger than life, and yet also understandable as people. Kali, the main character of the piece, is extremely believable. Her relationship with Wormwood is complex and moving. Against the dark backdrop of the end days, Kali's story shows contrasting glimpses of hope. She is so human that I actually felt for her suffering. She is the archetypal normal person in an abnormal situation. Wormwood is dark, original, concisely- and skilfully-written. D.H.Nevins manages to tell an ambitiously epic tale, but one that is shot through with believable human touches. I hope it is a precursor of more to come.