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Smashwords book reviews by laura hayden

  • Laney - The Brookehaven Vampires on Nov. 03, 2010

    I read this book over the weekend and have put off writting this review because at times i really loved it and then at other times i found myself wanting to skip bits and read ahead (but i didn't). Laney as a character was likeable and funny and i love lucky charms as much as she does. Oliver is super hot and total lovable(where do i find him lol) Laney and Oliver were so cute together and i could not help but get behind them and root for them as a couple. I wished we had seen more of laney and oliver's friends in the book and hope the next book has more of them in it.I all so want to know more about laney's dad i so have an idea to who he is and can't wait to see if i am right. now i have written this review and had time to think about this book i think in a book universe full of vampire books with the like's of twilight,HON,evernight and blue bloods the brookehaven vampire series has earned a place in this universe. Joann I Martin Sowles has written a story world i totaly want to have a part in.Laney is a wonderfull story and can't wait to read book two it is a must for any YA fan even if you don't like vamp books =)
  • A Sleep of Years on Feb. 05, 2011

    A Sleep of years is cry you heart out amazing read with a very good ending which while reading it didn't think was going to happen. The characters In the book were all well rounded. Jen i just loved for the whole book I really did not like Waylan he just got on my nerves. Sean was awesome and he stuck by Jen.Maria Hooley is fast becoming one of my favourite author's and will seek out and read more of her books.