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Daniel Petra is a teacher of Yoga, meditation, movement therapies,
breathwork and regression therapy. Daniel also teaches laughter
therapy, self-transformation and behavior modification techniques.
Born in 1945, Daniel was severely traumatized as a child. He became
an alcoholic by the age of fifteen, and eventually his alcoholism became
so severe that he almost died in a total alcoholic coma: as a result he
was forced to drop out of university. Daniel became clean and sober in
1979. Over a period of several decades, with the help of several self-help
groups and of countless people, he has been able to completely
regain his health and to overcome one obsessive/compulsive behavior
after another.

Daniel has become a practitioner of naturopathy and many forms of
healing arts. He practices Yoga, meditation and movement therapies
on a daily basis; he has been active in martial arts and in a variety
of sports. Daniel is a vegetarian and he eats and drinks only what is
wholesome, natural and that helps him to stay healthy. Consequently,
Daniel is extremely fit and enjoys radiant good health.
Daniel Petra has developed a variety of natural and organic processes
that are extremely effective, especially in modifying our behavior.
Daniel’s processes help us to transform unhealthy and self-defeating
habits and patterns into habits and patterns that are beneficial and
empowering. He shows us how to practice them by tiny ‘Baby Steps’
and in thin ‘Salami Slices’ of time that we can easily incorporate into
our extremely busy lives while we work, shop, socialize, play, and even
while we drive.

In Missing Links and in the books that follow, Daniel Petra shares not as
a professional, but as one human being to another. There is absolutely
nothing that is theoretical or speculative in Daniel’s books. In order
to learn what he needed to learn, Daniel has had to practically turn
his body and his entire being into an experiential laboratory; he has
integrated knowledge from a great variety of fields. He shares only
tools, methods and processes that have proven successful for him
and for countless others, over several decades of consistent practice.

Daniel Petra is a pen-name.

Please visit us at: www.danielpetra.com

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Missing Links
Price: Free! Words: 102,660. Language: English. Published: March 24, 2015. Categories: Nonfiction » Self-improvement » Personal Growth / General, Nonfiction » Health, wellbeing, & medicine » Eating disorders
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Missing Links is original and quite unique. There is absolutely nothing speculative in it. All the tools and processes that I share in Missing Links are very practical and surprisingly effective. I show how to grow and how to make progress by easy “Baby Steps” and in thin “Salami Slices’ of time. Missing Links is also quite playful and easy to read. I utilize a lot of “Crazy Wisdom.”